The American Conservative Movement is launching

The American Conservative Movement has one immediate goal: To prevent the effects of the coronavirus from stripping away our liberties. This is the ideal circumstance through which the policies of authoritarians and radical progressives in America can actually sound reasonable to a concerned populace and a GOP forced into a defensive stance.

This is a fast-moving situation. By the time you’re hearing these words, chances are strong that information predicating this call to action has already changed. But two things are certain. Government will grow as a result of this panic and freedoms will shrink. We’re already hearing of measures coming from both sides of the political aisle that were once considered exclusive to Democrats. More government intervention has been demanded by the majority, including the freedom-loving right, and that’s understandable in these circumstances. But we must take action now to make certain calls for more government are a temporary remedy.



h/t CrsCrpr


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