The Anti-American Tone on German and Austrian Social Media has Escalated Dramatically

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by Chris Black

Following the Nordstream extravaganza, German/Austrian social media has become, let’s say, a little bit anti American.

German and Austrian netizens openly accuse the US Navy, which days ago was in the Baltic Sea, of having carried out the attacks against Nordstream 1/Nordstream 2.

Some even go further from this point and accuse the current Social-Democratic Government of Germany of being “Vassals of America”, which is an understatement. 

Needless to say that such incident will polarize even more the German society on the next weeks.

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Tonight, on German-Speaking social medias, the hashtag #Kriegserkläerung (Declaration of War) is trending, as some German nationalist netizens accuse the US of doing the NS1/NS2 sabotages, which according to them is akin to a Declaration of War by the Americans against Germany.

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