The Anti-Cop Agenda that de Blasio Hopes Will Win Him a Shot at Government

by Mark Angelides

A NYPD cop who has served since 2002 and made over 1000 arrests is facing not only a loss of job, but also reputation because gang-bangers are setting up a “cottage industry” of hiring dodgy lawyers to file suit against police officers. They can get away with this, because under Mayor de Blasio, when a cop is now accused, they won’t send in the Attorney General’s office or the Feds.
Essentially if a cop is accused, he has to fight it out himself. Sure, the city will pay damages almost automatically to the criminals with their fraudulent claims, but this doesn’t stop good cops getting fired so thugs can get rich quick.
David Terrell is a detective who has had a series of promotions and works specifically with the gang-bangers. He has decided to file suit against the city for not protecting him or protecting his reputation. He puts the blame squarely on “Mayor de Blasio’s anti-cop agenda.”
According to the New York Post, Terrell states:
The NYPD “is fully aware this sort of assignment is particularly dangerous and a legal minefield” in which “gang members, their families and members of community that benefit from criminal enterprises routinely disrupt criminal investigations .?.?. with false allegations of police misconduct,” his notice says.
But under Mayor Bill de Blasio, the department doesn’t call in the state Attorney General’s Office or the feds to help with civil or criminal prosecution, or pursue civil cases through the city Law Department, Terrell says.
It is difficult to believe that this whole shambles is anything more than Bill de Blasio trying to set himself up as a man who is ready for a top spot in government come 2020. While it is likely the anointed Democrat candidate will be either female or not white (or both), the DNC will be looking for a strong running mate to join the ticket. Is de Blasio setting himself up for the VP job, or something with a little more power?
It, unfortunately, seems very popular to run down the police force nowadays, and it looks like the New York Mayor is jumping on the bandwagon. Antifa is attacking cops with impunity, BLM are attacking cops to cheers from “liberals”, and at the bottom of the heap are the people who protect us while we sleep. It’s not good enough. They deserve better treatment and support.
**The picture above is of NYPD turning their backs on de Blasio.