The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

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via Robert Bronsdon (Hollywood Rob)

In your insular world you might see things spinning out of control.  You might see the communists using their Rules for Radicals playbook taking the lead and you might even see them as winning.  But there are people who are fighting back.  There are people who a standing up to the purple haired harpies and they are finding victories too.

You probably are aware that all of the tech companies are in silicon valley, which is just south of San Francisco.  You know, the San Francisco that has shit all over the streets in such abundance that they have to maintain an app to inform the residents of where the turds are.  Well, the people who run these companies all live in the surrounding area and they are all liberals, if not downright communists.

They sit in their meeting rooms having meetings about how to skirt the rules.  It is their job.  They lie before congress, they lie to everyone, and then they go back to their glass and driftwood mansions and devise schemes within schemes to steal more money from people and more importantly, how to get the next communist president.  As you recently saw, Hillary Clinton did her thesis on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Barack Obama taught Alinsky’s tactics at the University of Chicago and he used them in the field as a community organizer.  By any rational measure, this makes them both communists.  They have communist goals and they use communist methods and the one that I want to talk about here is how they plan on duping the merikans into voting for another communist in 2020.

I don’t think that it is going to work unless they find some shining prince of communism to enter the race on their behalf.  Clearly Hillary, with her communist credentials, is far too damaged to be offered up again to the glare of the media spotlight.  If not her, who do you see in the current batch of contenders?  But, having said that they are not likely to succeed, does not mean that they are not going to do everything that they can to silence conservative voices.  The communist tech companies, with their over 30% communist workforce, are focusing now on ensuring that nobody is able to present an alternative to the lies being distributed by their captive main stream media.  This involves YouTube just now, but it will extend far beyoud that and if they think that a site has the potential to expose their lies, they will shut it down as they just did to ZeroHedge on Pinterest.  Now I don’t think that ZeroHedge gets much traction on Pinterest, but if it works there why not on their service provider?  Why not on their bank?  Why not on the web host?

This is war.  You see their tactics.  You know what their objective are.  Will you stand and fight?




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