The BBC & Bloomberg on India: B stands for bullshit.

by John Ward

Bubble Bacchus Barefaced Bourse Biden BoJo Bollocks

Come sniffly cold, paper cut or unrepayable debt, you can always rely on the Establishments and their media harem to turn a distraction into an emergency, and an emergency into something perfectly normal and under control. But when control of the real emergency is lost, you can rest assured that nasal snot and sharp paper-edges will be the villains of the piece.

That intro paragraph – for those with all their primary senses in place – is (I wrote it myself without assistance just to prove my genius) a succinct history of the last thirty years in under sixty words.

A rough translation of the heading above he intro would be, ‘Debauched and senile allies in stock market cover-up talk scientific nonsense about a seasonal virus’ but I opted for an alliteration of Bs in a last despairing bid to persuade fluffy smuggies that snappy slogans don’t happen by accident.

I’m developing a new history of Bs on the same principle of Gs 2-5 for mobile internet. We began with 3B (Build back better) which then went to 4B (BoJo Builds Back Better) & 5B (Biden-BoJo Build Back Better). At the experimental stage is 6B (Biden-Bojo Budgies Build Back Better): trials are going well – the main problem to overcome is that the budgies keep rejecting the Biden-BoJo element. Nihil desperandum, however, because unser geliebter Santa-Klaus Schwab is working :on another version of 6B (Bot-Biden-BoJo-Builds Back Better). Klaus avers that Biden is 95% of the way to Bot already, and BoJo in turn displays a zero count going forward in the humanity space.

That paragraph merely reflects the key to success as a politician: an ability to plant in the minds of the electorate the idea that the Past was profoundly awful and the Present is getting worse….but the Future will be a paradise of serial orgasms interspersed with free rock concerts. Hence ‘Build Back Better’. To make that promise in some way believable, the political class needs to ram home the idea that both Now and Then offer the citizen only brutal horror and painful death.

We have a B-Virus at large right now….be it BBC or Bloomberg.

As a leading member of the cock-sucking harem, the BBC has been hard at work establishing just how great a disaster Trump was, and how deadly Covid19 is.

Journey with me now into the invented Present that is India for the BBC.

Unless you made an early getaway to Planet Drongo before the lockdown, you will have read pretty much everywhere that “India sees world’s highest daily cases amid oxygen shortage”. In fact, the BBC tells us that “some people” have died waiting for oxygen, the Indian health service is “completely overwhelmed” and the country now has “sixteen million cases”.

So it’s a disaster, right? Well actually, no – it isn’t. The Indian health ministry has already made it clear that the Covid19 variant they’re dealing with this year has “a considerably lower death rate than the previous version”.

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Go to the Worldometer site, and you’ll see that India’s deaths per million is a minute 134: that’s 7% of the US and French figures, 6% of the UK and Italy’s and the lowest by far of any country in the Top 30 for cases. Virtually no vaccination has been undertaken in India (only 1.3% are fully vaccinated) and the country is not using lockdowns. The Times of India has just denied the BBC’s ‘deaths from oxygen shortage’ fakery.

What India IS doing, however, is employing the anti-inflammatory drugs tocilizumab and itolizumab and the antivirals favipiravir and hydroxychloroquine on a very wide scale. Go to Pharma site/accolyte spaces, and you’ll see all four drugs being rubbished: the Pharmafia and their bureaucratic whores don’t want any signs of a success to get out.

But the Truth already is out there: India is doing spectacularly well without either vaccines or lockdown. You won’t find that reality expressed anywhere in the Western MSM, but the facts show that its infection management drugs have delivered one of the lowest case to death rates on the planet.

Not that you’d notice, reading Bloomberg: (my emphases)

‘India saw the world’s biggest one-day jump in coronavirus cases ever as a ferocious new wave grips the country, overwhelming hospitals and crematoriums and prompting frantic cries for help on social media.

The South Asian nation reported 314,835 new infections Thursday, topping a peak of 314,312 recorded in the U.S. on Dec. 21. People took to Twitter and Instagram to call for everything from hospital beds to medicine and doorstep Covid-19 tests.

The grim milestone shows how the pandemic crisis has shifted firmly to the developing world, where variants and complacency are threatening containment measures and there’s a lack of vaccines, with supplies dominated by richer nations.’

It’s a pack of lies from end to end. India has a population of 1.4 billion people – so overcrowding is almost generic – and being four times more people than the US, the comparison with America is completely ludicrous. Hospitals do not get overwhelmed when 134 folks out of a million get ill. India’s water purity and basic hygiene measures are very Third World. Yet despite all that, it is doing phenomenally well against Covid….by having and doing respectively none of the advantages and policies of the West.

Sloppy journalism? No – criminally misleading journalism designed to scare as many people into vaccination as possible.

You’d be doing everyone a favour were you to forward this global calumny to every smug friend you know. Then ask them why they think so many MSM titles are printing rubbish every day without cessation.





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