The BBC Trust, appointed by the queen – vice-chairman Roger Carr, head of BAE – Syria ‘war’ – Profits for the Prime Minister and her husband

by ajarndaniel

All Trustees are appointed by the Queen on advice from Ministers after an open selection process.

It goes without saying, but I don’t know anyone who’s been invited to this ‘open process’.

The BBC Trust: The chairmen and women of the board of directors. Again, hand-picked by the queen. And this is my favourite one:

Sir Roger Carr, who also “joined BAE Systems as Chairman in 2013”. That’s the same BAE that just made a killing in Syria. The same BAE that Theresa May’s husband Philip’s investment company owns the most shares in:

Do you see how intertwined it all gets. It’s the same story and it doesn’t change: A bunch of rich people who went to the same schools and now attend the same parties get together and make deals which make them more money.

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Check out the top BBC results on Syria: Nothing on this financial connection to the PM. Nothing from the BBC about how war is really good for business. Nothing about how the BBC has a fucking chairman of the very company that made millions from this ‘war’ on its board of trustees:


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