by Pamela Williams
It all began with the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House by Obama. The American people knew of this, as it was reported on many Alternative Media News Sites. Of course, since everyone does not read those sites, some of the American people would not have known. Some may not know now, as this story has gone widely unreported; however, I do have to give credit to Fox News and CNN’s Jake Tapper, as they did report on it, too. NBC reported on the attack, but failed to report on the Muslim spy ring.
Obama hired brothers Imran, Abid, and Jamal Awan and Hina Alvi, Imran’s wife, but Rex Tillerson President Trump’s new pick to head the State Department, fired them from their congressional White House jobs. They had illegally accessed computers involving national security. They are now under investigation for “wide-range equipment and data theft.” There are concerns that the information they had access to was funneled through an external server.
The group had access to the following:
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

  • House Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • National Security and Information Technology of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
  • Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces of the Armed Services Committee
  • Committee on Homeland Security
  • Terrorism and Cybersecurity subcommittee
  • Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
  • House Energy and Commerce Committee that oversees, among other things, the nuclear industry
  • Encryption Working Group
  • Emerging Threats Subcommittee, responsible for much of counterterrorism oversight
  • Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee

Under Obama last year members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence demanded their staffers have access to top secret classified information. The following names of those Committee members need to be noted: Andre Carson, Luis Guiterrez, Jim Himes, Terri Sewell, Jackie Speier, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell and Patrick Murphy. It also needs to be noted these members are all DEMOCRATS. Also, to be noted that one of the brothers had a deeply troubling criminal record.
When Rex Tillerson cleaned house at the State Department it was reported by the press that these people quit, but in actuality they were fired by Tillerson. Now you know why he decided to fumigate the Department. Obama left a filthy mess for President Trump, and he planned it just that way. “Any implication that that these four people quit is wrong,” one senior State Department official said. The press reported the group quit due to the fact they did not want to work for President Trump, and that is a complete falsehood.
And, just a few weeks after the fact, it appears we know why Tillerson was so quick to purge existing staffers: he just didn’t trust them. It also appears his mistrust was more than justified. On January 29th, United States Special Forces executed an operation inside Yemen, against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), with the aim of gathering intelligence and killing leaders of the group. The raid was planned under the Obama administration, but the decision to execute the raid was “punted” to Trump, using the pretext of waiting for a “low loom” (moonless) night to execute the raid with maximum secrecy.
So the raid had been planned by the Obama Administration, but he left it for President Trump to handle. The brothers were fired by President Donald Trump’s administration shortly after the death of one of our elite Navy Seals during the Yemen raid. al-Qaeda knew the raid was coming, and they were ready and waiting. Thus, it is believed that the Muslim spy ring is directly linked to the death of Navy Seal William Ryan Owens. Owens is a hero, and may he rest in peace .Defense Secretary James Mattis released a statement about Owens following his death. “Ryan gave his full measure for our nation, and in performing his duty, he upheld the noblest standard of military service,” the statement read. “The United States would not long exist were it not for the selfless commitment of such warriors. I thank our gallant troops and their families for their dedication to protecting this nation, and I pass our respects to Ryan’s family in this most difficult time.”

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In early December, the USS Makin Island and its amphibious readiness group, including other ships and Marines, arrived in the area to serve as the quick reaction force for American operations in Yemen. They were joined in Djibouti by the Navy SEALs who would make up the main raiding party.

On Dec. 21, the SEALs joined the Marines in a helicopter-borne training raid in Djibouti, an exercise that served as a rehearsal for Sunday’s mission.The Obama administration then had to decide whether to carry out the mission.
A former senior Obama administration official said that plans for the raid were presented to the Obama national security team before the inauguration as part of a menu of potential actions that represented a significant expansion of U.S. activity in Yemen. After a full interagency review, the official said, the Obama administration decided to pass the decision on the series of operations off to the Trump administration, since they would have to commence under the new president.
The Firefight
Early Sunday, SEALS from SEAL Team 6 and Emirati commandos converged on a landing zone eight kilometers from the village, according to the briefing paper and a senior military official. Their target was the heavily guarded house where AQAP leaders were temporarily living, reportedly with computer and communications equipment of value to the ongoing campaign.
They walked around five miles to their objective.
Then, said officials, something tipped the targets off to their approach. Depending on the account, it might have been a barking dog, or Emiratis intercepted speaking in Arabic on walkie talkies, or the crash of a small Emirati drone surveying the target from a forward position.
“Initial reports are always wrong, but it doesn’t appear to be a failure of planning or intelligence,” said the former special forces officer.
Almost immediately, the raiding force on the ground took intense fire, according to the briefing paper and a senior military official. Occupants of the targeted house and its compound, along with their guard force, moved to a separate cluster of houses nearby where families, including women and children, were staying. Armed women fired on the U.S. and Emirati forces.
“There were a lot of female combatants who were part of this,” said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, on Monday. “We saw during this operation, as it was taking place, that female fighters ran to pre-established positions — as though they had trained to be ready, and trained to be combatants — and engaged with us.”
The raiding force began to take casualties. Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, a veteran member of the elite team, was hit and would die of his wounds. The SEALs called for backup, and for a medical chopper.
An MV-22 Osprey, intended for transport and rescue, flew to the landing zone eight kilometers from the firefight. But a hard landing injured several of the passengers and damaged the craft so badly it was no longer airworthy.
A pair of Harrier jets and a pair of helicopter gunships arrived from the USS Makin Island and joined the battle. The jets bombed and strafed the al Qaeda encampment, and the choppers fired on the target with their cannons.
“This complex situation included small arms fire, hand grenades and close air support fire,” U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said Wednesday night in a written statement.
“The known possible civilian casualties appear to have been potentially caught up in aerial gunfire that was called in to assist U.S. forces in contact against a determined enemy that included armed women firing from prepared fighting positions, and U.S. special operations members receiving fire from all sides to include houses and other buildings.”
Fifty minutes after the raiding team reached the village, the firefight was over. Owens was dead, and at least six American service members were injured. The Osprey chopper, a $70 million aircraft, was destroyed by a U.S. bomb. The U.S. left with communications equipment, and said that three of the 14 enemy combatants killed were top AQAP leaders.

Thanks to NBC for their detailed report of the Yemen raid, the firefight that our soldiers so valiantly fought.May Navy Seal Owens rest in peace, and may the six American service members, who were injured heal well.
The above was reported before the story came out about the Muslim spy ring.  The combination of the Yemen raid and the Muslim spy ring is what I want to stress here.  However, NBC did a great job reporting on the raid itself, which I felt the reader should know about, as this was explained before the spy ring was acknowledged.
Also, I need to note that the Muslim spy ring is under investigation at this time.
CNN has a really good video at their site:
However again, it does not include the story of the Muslim spy ring.
The following video does put the Muslim spy ring, and the Yemen raid together:


6 thoughts on “The Betrayal By OBAMA To TRUMP And To The National Security Of The US – BETRAYAL AND TRAGEDY TO OUR MILITARY- ALERT TO WE THE PEOPLE.”

  1. Truth is there shouldn’t be American operations in Yemen. Why are we helping the despicable Saudi regime in its illegal war against Yemen? Why haven’t the American people been fully appraised and consulted on the war? Trump said, he was returning the government to the people. Well, he hasn’t. He also said he would get us out of these endless wars that benefit only globalists ambitions. Well, he hasn’t.

    • On this raid, the only thing I can say is he executed what Obama left him. However, we don’t know the details, but I can agree with you beyond that point. I hope things will start to look better soon.

  2. I thought when you catch people spying on the US government, as government employees, you don’t fire them, you arrest them…at least.
    Wtf is up with the lack of the rule of law? What do people have to do to get arrested nowadays? Threaten to blow up the white house, madonna? NO. Organize domestic terrorism, Soros? NO.

    • Lord, Jeff, I cannot argue with anything you said…you are right. They launched an investigation, but you are right, they should have arrested them. Madonna was never arrested or charged, but if it had been you or me, we would have been dealt with. I am sick of it all, too. I am afraid of what is on the horizon.

      • The elites will do everything they can to really put the division in the States that they’ve slowly got going over the decades into overdrive.
        You guys NEED to start demanding that the rule of law be followed and that ANYONE that can be charged should be charged. Unless there are clear consequences for the idiots it will get much worse as the economy and infrastructure continue their collapse.
        The elites have been playing this divide and conquer game for a very long time and people that think just because Trump won it’s all going to get better and in for a very rude awakening.
        In order for Trump’s plan’s to work a lot more people are going to have to roll up their sleeves then I think are willing to do so. The first step HAS to be getting rid of Soros’ influence in DC and a complete shut down of his NGO’s.


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