The Biden’s were working to sell 14% of Rosneft Oil Company to the Chinese to circumvent US sanctions on Russia. FBI Director Christopher Wray represented Rosneft.

by BlueSaltMiner

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It’s all so tiresome.

When Wray was nominated for FBI Director CNN reported that he removed ALL references to his representation of Rosneft. Hunter’s laptop includes details about the deal between the Russians and Chinese to circumvent Trump’s Russian sanctions.

Wray had his firm delete all mentions of Rosneft from their website. You may recall that the dossier included claims that Russia offered Trump 16% of Rosneft to circumvent sanctions. How ironic it was the Bidens who actually were doing the deal?

The reason why Wray’s FBI has been sitting on Biden’s laptop is that it includes all of the details about his client’s (Rosneft) deal with the Bidens and China. I doubt he wants the details of the attempted circumvention of Trump’s sanctions to get out.

Spalding & King that Wray left to join the FBI represented Rosneft and Gazprom for the Russian Federation.


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