The Big Nothingburger: Why the Mueller-RussiaGate Investigation Must End Immediately

by Robert Carbery

Carter Page’s recent testimony in front of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee is not the big deal that the MSM are claiming it is. In fact, it actually exposes the media’s complicity in conjuring up the collusion charges through a false narrative of Russia working with the Trump campaign to get the Donald elected. Now over one year after the earth-shattering election last November and we are still discussing Russia.
They will never learn.
This past week, Page testified to the HIC that he sent an email to other aides of Trump that describe “a private conversation” he had with a senior Russian official during a July 2016 Moscow trip. With his testimony released on Monday, the scrutiny has been swift and sharp from the Democratic Party masquerading as the objective ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/WaPo/NYT media. However, the American public is smarter and more skeptical than I initially thought as we are not being duped by the witch hunt that is the Mueller investigation.
University of Pittsburgh lecturer and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik, author of “The Plot to Scapegoat Russia,” told Sputnik that the U.S. corporate-owned media had failed in its attempt to make the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory credible in the eyes of the public.
“The Russia-gate scandal continues to become more and more absurd,” Kovalik declared. “Now the mere fact that a Trump campaign adviser went to Russia and that [current US Attorney General] Jeff Sessions knew he went, is somehow evidence of a crime.” We need Sessions to open up a special investigation into the Clinton collusion and the uranium sale while she was secretary of state. Despite the media’s best efforts, the rest of the American public are finally coming to their senses and realizing that there is literally nothing to this Russia investigation. They likely put some fake news stories out there to pit us against ourselves during this divisive times, but there appears to be no meddling in the election or outright collusion with the Trump campaign. However, there are actual deep ties with the Clinton camp and Russia, which are of course being glossed over by the MSM.
The hysteria over Russia finally appears to be dying down but the Page testimony seems to have unearthed it yet again though this will die out as it does not have any legs because it is not a real story of any significance. Anyone with any connection to Russia whatsoever is automatically labeled as colluding with the Russians or is someone who has something to hide. This is reminiscent of the McCarthy witch hunting era during the Cold War. And it is really unproductive.
Let the Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans keep digging.

Trump’s desire to mend relations with Russia is not foolish or further sign of collusion. It is the right move to make if we are to seriously work toward bringing more stability to our chaotic world. The Russian boogeyman is not what the neoconservative cabal in Washington would have you believe it is. The liberals have continued to spout the narrative that we were under attack from Russia and many are still amazingly clinging to the assertion that they helped Donald Trump become president!
Trump confidante and longtime Republican strategist Roger Stone found the Democrats’ questions in his own HIC hearing telling in that they have absolutely no evidence for this ridiculous RussiaGate story.  
“I found that Republicans were very methodical in their questioning,” Stone said. “’Do you know, or have any evidence, of anyone in the Trump family, the Trump entourage, Trump himself, Trump associates, Trump friends, who conspired, or coordinated, or colluded with the Russians, or any Russian, or the Russian state, or any Russian company to affect the election?’ Answer: ‘No.’ Simple.”
Stone, who served back in the Nixon and Reagan administrations showed how the Dems are fishing with the kinds of questions they were asking. Such as, “’Do you remember if you’ve ever erased a tweet that you maybe put up for a few minutes and then took down?’ ‘Yeah, I guess so.’ ‘Do you remember anything specific?’ ‘No not really.’ ‘Aha! You don’t remember this one!’” There is simply no there there. If there was anything of any substance, it surely would have leaked out by now. Trump shocked the world due to the American public’s distrust and distaste for establishment Republicans and Democrats. Oh, and crooked Hillary.
The American electorate, besides the never Trump socialist Antifa left, are done with and annoyed by this unproductive investigation into a nonexistent crime. Retired professor and political commentator John Walsh agrees that Mueller’s probe has failed to impress the public in any way. The indictments so far are nothing and there will be nothing to bring Trump down but time and voter dissatisfaction.
“The big story may be that the Mueller story is not gaining traction with the American people… Above all, it is becoming a big yawn except in the precincts of the progressives like the New York Times and National Public Radio,” Walsh said.
This is no Watergate. This is no Whitewater. This is a big nothingburger. Let’s stop wasting taxpayer money on this fruitless witch hunt and end the Mueller probe once and for all!
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