The Big Short Steve Eisman Places a HUGE SHORT as Real Estate Prices Begin To Drop!

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Real estate isn’t just about a person buying a home. It’s about the debt-based product that has been created and the entire reason why we have seen such an escalation in prices. Mortgages are the only way that the majority of people could ever afford their homes. Many people are diligent in paying back. But when prices start to go sideways or fall, the financial institutions start to see the issues in the ponzi scheme unravel. This will definitely be an interesting one.

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The Big Short’s Steve Eisman raises bets against Canadian banks

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Australia’s Housing Slump Isn’t Fazing Mortgage Bond Investors – BNN Bloomberg

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Manhattan Homes Are Taking the Longest to Sell in Seven Years – BNN Bloomberg

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February 2019 Market Reports: Sellers Cut Prices as Homes Linger | StreetEasy

Fed Chair Powell: China, Europe economies have slowed substantially

A key recession indicator just did something that hasn’t happened in 12 years




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