The Big Tech Companies are Allowed to Simply Lie About “Not Being Able to Fill Positions” Using American Labor

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by Chris Black

The fact is that every single year, there are more domestic STEM graduates in the US than there open positions in those fields.

There’s absolutely no legitimate reason why they couldn’t fill the positions.

It’s just cheaper to hire foreigners than it is to hire actual Americans.

Republicans allow them to get away with this blatant lie because they’re on the take.

You want your increased GDP?

That’s your increased GDP; actual Americans getting undercut by foreign workers who will do the same job for half the money.

Republicans be like, “according to Sumner T. Shekelblatt, President and CEO of Shekelblatt, Silverstein & Sons, says that the Economy™ Line will go down by 0.05% if we don’t replace Americans with Indians within the next ten years!”

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The loophole for their use is so simple, too.

Just post a job opening that requires five years’ experience with a program or technology that’s only three years old, then complain that no one in the United States is qualified.


And this is why complaining about “illegal” immigration vs “legal” immigration is a distinction without a difference.

They are just as shady and underhanded with “legal” immigration.

In a sane country, your business license would be revoked for doing this.


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