“Get Woke, Go Broke” is a Cringe Talking Point

by Chris Black

I am not a fan of the “Get Woke, Go Broke” talking point.

This is more like “Get Woke, Get Incompetent.” Forget being broke. 

Just wait until ideologues and POCs like this are in charge of critical infrastructure.

You’re already seeing that happen with transportation systems. It’s going to get worse. Next up: basic utilities like running water and electricity.

“Get Woke, Go Broke” is a cringe midwit talking point because it’s almost always invoked in the context of things that don’t actually matter, like some shitty movie or video game running low sales numbers.

Devon Stack has been saying this ever since 2016-2017.

 Movie after movie, organization after organization, institution after institution, they never go broke. When the left makes memes, they make lucrative fucking memes. 

Movies like “Pretty Lady” are the perfect example of a leftist meme that makes money.

 Even to this day, that movie keeps making money

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Entertainment companies just keep on trucking because they basically have credit cards with no real limit and the product itself is low-stakes in terms of how it impacts society as a whole.

Now, put this same type of “woke” moron in charge of airlines or power plants or supply chain logistics and you will end up with mass casualty incidents. 

Who cares about “going broke” if you’re sickened by poisonous chemicals, crushed into pulp by a plane crash, or starving to death in your own home?

The “Gamergate” and “Comicsgate” type losers out there still don’t understand how serious this is. 

We are allowing absolutely moronic, inept, inadequate people to take charge of systems that are literally a matter of life and death.

I worked in transportation for a time—you would not believe the kind of idiots they allow in control centers, all in the name of “inclusion”—diversity hires involved in weight & balance, cargo planning, maintenance control, crew scheduling, VERY safety-sensitive stuff.

Best case scenario, making a mistake with this sort of thing could cause a delay of a couple hours. Worst case scenario, it could get people killed. We have already seen that recently and we’re going to see it more.  

United Airlines recently touted their future efforts to have a “50% diverse” flight crew workforce. If you know anything about what kind of knowledge base and skills you need to be an airline pilot, you know it’s not a job any random moron can do. 

You don’t exactly need to be a genius, but you can’t be an idiot, either. 

They simply won’t be able to achieve that level of “diversity” without lowering their hiring and training standards. 


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