The Biggest Companies Today Are NOTHING Compared to the Biggest Company EVER!

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The devaluation of currencies is clear to me. Japan is the best example of a failure. Printing wild amounts of currency just to fill the void creates a complete distortion of reality. No wonder they can’t pull the plug. They know it will be a disaster.
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Companies today are just waiting for more QE. More free money. More tax loopholes. Are the gigantic behemoths can continue to grow. But look back into the pages of history and you will see, the Apple and Amazon’s of today are NOTHING compared to the biggest companies ever.
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Infographic: Visualizing the Most Valuable Companies of All-Time
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2017.12.10 – Tokyo Whale 1.JPG (1086×610)
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2017.12.10 – Nikkei.jpg (1330×1103)
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