ObamaCare Premiums—$40K for this family… Price up 50+ % Year to Year ? Administrators gotta get paid .

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Obamacare Premiums Rise To $40,000 Or More For Some Middle-Class Families
President Trump has been saying it for years now: Obamacare can’t survive.
Dozens of “exchanges” set up to handle Obamacare subscribers have shut down, leaving some states with a single option for those in need of health insurance. Obamacare premiums across the country are skyrocketing, with some doubling or even tripling. And nobody thinks it’s all going to magically get better.
How bad is it? Ask Heidi and Richard Reiter of Florida.
In 2017, they bought a plan off an exchange for $26,000 for family coverage, which includes their two sons, ages 21 and 17. To keep that same coverage in 2018, they’ll have to pay $40,000 in premiums, a 54% increase, the Miami Herald reported.
“That’s more than a lot of people’s mortgage payments,” Richard Reiter told the Herald. “For me, it’s a crisis situation.”
“People have every right to be angry,” said Sabrina Corlette, a researcher and professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute.

Price up 50+ % Year to Year ?
Administrators gotta get paid .

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