The Biggest Problem is that Nobody (at least not us) Truly Knows ANYTHING about the Corona Virus.

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by AC

Here’s what we actually know – NOTHING. We have a lot of speculation, a lot of half-info, a lot of assumptions, and a lot of information that is absolutely unclear. We do know that various, large areas of China are supposedly locked down, which for the most part is confirmed.

Now, it seems that videos show police or other agencies scooping people up into vans, often abusively, and seemingly at random. Are these people being picked up by the authorities for the same reasons? We saw the videos of a few people saying “no, I’m not sick, I’m not going anywhere!” before being dragged away. We’ve also heard reports of authorities emptying whole building complexes and smaller neighborhoods and then burning them to the ground. We have seen a LOT of videos of people being taken away for no apparent reason at all, unclear if that’s related to the virus or not. (Keep in mind that China is a full police state where they will come for you, using your phone’s location for even minor infrigements. This is a country where jaywalking results in facial recognition cams deducting fines from your bank within mere seconds, so if there is a known dissenter, they can find and take them at any time and it’s commonplace.)

We have people who supposedly work in labs and hospitals, some confirmed and some not, claiming 200+ come in, and then are carted away by military.. Then another 200, and so son.. All day long. We have severa reports of burning bodies, yet no pictures or videos, but anyone who filmed & posted it would be easily tracked and thrown into prison. We have an expat billionaire from China who is claiming his connections told him that 50,000 per day are being burned. He sounds credible, yet no proof. Some are saying they’re bringing people into hospitals and giving them shots and it’s those injections that are killing them..

I can go on and on.. From targeting political dissidents to the elderly, from a 28 day incubation period to a 28 day ability for the virus to live outside the host, to a 14 day incubation period at which point the infected may or may not show any symptoms, nothing is clear, nothing is verified. It also seems that not a single, non-asian has died. No whites, no blacks, no latinos.

How many are truly dying? What are they really dying of? Of course China will never be truthful about the origin nor the numbers, but we cannot trust the western media to be truthful either – even if they know exactly what’s really going on.

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Is this a front by China? Is it bio-warefare against a targeted race? Is it a nothing-burger being used as an excuse to cleanse the “unwanteds” and that why the rest of the world is not seeing the spread yet? Is it some sort of nano-technology test where this “virus” is not a virus at all and has been acrivated via 5G or something similar? Is it due to the recent Chinese vaccine mandate that took place in specific province(s)? It’s nearly impossible to know and the main factor is the control over what is said by those who are on the ground.

I could go on and on.. It’s an information overload and none of it adds up. There are literally nearly 100 theories on who/what/when/where/why… Some hold similarities and some do not.

Don’t go saying that “China would not lockdown whole cities if it was not serious!” because that is a premature assumption. Exagerrating the seriousness is the perfect cover for a multitude of possible psyops or coverups, or totally alternative motives.

Believe me, I’ve read it all, seen all the videos, all the numbers and all the info as reported from various sources, perspectives, and levels.. And the conclusion here is that clearly something fucking serious is happening, but what is it?

Truly, after nearly 3 weeks of constant alarm, WE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..

And that, folks, is the scary part.

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