The Bing vs google chatGPT situation shows signs that an AI bubble could happen somewhere down the line

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by mylizard

tl;dr msft going up bc google AI was supposedly “bad” while bing’s was supposedly “good”, then investors later realizing that both were shit shows overconfidence and lack of research of many AI investors

If you didn’t know already, both bing and google released a chatGPT based AI tool for their search engines. Bing’s presentation for their AI was very well prepared, while google’s was much more rushed, with presentors making mistakes.

The most important moment, however, came when google’s AI bot made a factual mistake when asked what the james webb telescope did. It provided three responses, two of which were correct, but one of which was an action done by a DIFFERENT telescope(hubble telescope), which made many investors swap from google to bing(msft), causing huge shifts. This is why this series of events is utterly stupid:

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– chatGPT is a LANGUAGE BASED MODEL, meaning it looks at the LANGUAGE itself. It is designed to respond with something that, LANGUAGE-WISE, makes the most sense, which tends to coincide with it being factually correct. However, this is a mere coincidence.

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An example of how the telescope error could have been made Is as follows:

you ask: “what are things that the james webb telescope is known for”

ChatGPT thought process: Since “telescope” is much more common than “james webb” as a set of words, it maybe finds more grammatically and language accurate words to respond to “telescope” than to “james webb” as there is much more data. In responding to “telescope” it pulls together some words that happen to be taken from responses to the hubble telescope, probably the most talked about telescope online. It doesn’t care/know that it’s now talking about a different telescope, the response is grammatically sound, and sounds right under the context.

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This simple flaw could have been discovered with maybe 5-10 minutes of research, or some playing around with chatGPT-I myself don’t know shit about AI and still predicted this. Instead, investors decided to shift several fucking billion dollars around, only to discover 2 days later that bing’s AI literally couldn’t get the fucking date right, and was insulting users, finally selling msft.

This sentiment around AI-of mindless buy buy buy and sell sell sell with minimal knowledge on what’s actually being bought and sold- reminds me a lot about the dot com bubble, although it isn’t necessarily to the dot com bubbles severity YET.


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