The Brain Washing of the Partisan Bubbles and the Erosion of Civil Liberties to Stop a Preceived Existential Threat.

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by kit8642

Since Trump has come to power, most people have been sucked into a vacuum of political Chaos that is centered around Trump. Essentially, both sides of the partisan world are willing to for go basic principles of the political ideologies they think they represent in order to counter the opposition.

Internet censorship is a great example, the “Left” have historically be anti-corporation, pro-regulation, Pro-free speech… Now they are Pro-corporate censorship and use libertarian talking points (private companies can do as they please) to justify/defend big tech censorship. While the “Right” use to be pro-corporation, anti-regulation, and quite dodgy on the 1st amendment (flag burning, free speech zones), are now pro government intervention/regulation of private institutions and so on. I tend to visualize what’s going on as a political double helix, where the partisan players have to be diametrically opposed to the their opposition, and this all revolves around Trump, while the political principles are warps to what every is needed to win.

With that said, this has been helping the establishment to condition the masses to thinking the state will help them “win”. A great example of the conditioning by the political double helix being used would be Russiagate. The left has been worshiping Mueller and the FBI & CIA in hopes they would take down Trump by any means necessary, while the Right are now worshiping Barr and Company in hopes they takes down the Dems and Hillary. Both of these men (Mueller & Barr) have each been involved in major coverups and have been establishment tools forever. This is in fact making both groups look to the Government in order to help them feel a victory, when in reality there is only expansion of their powers. When has the FBI & CIA been the good guy in any story? LOL!!! I kid, I kid, but seriously. Another great example would be how they are playing Antifa & Rightwing Extremists against each group. You have both the Left & Right calling for each group to be labeled extreme terrorist so the establishment can trigger a bunch of draconian laws against each. Even now, with the FBI report on conspiracy theorists, they are looking to criminalize thought, which could lead to pre-crime & indefinite detention, through labeling them domestic terrorists. This is the same FBI that wrote MLK to kill himself, radicalizes people for their own false terror attacks and undermine/control any grassroots political movement.

The Brainwashing doesn’t stop there, even with the recent shooting, the amount of people who are trying to use initial reports in order to smear anyone who might be politically aligned with the shooters ideology is abhorrent. We should all be able to agree, anyone who goes to a store, bar or festival to shoot up unarmed innocent people is a coward & nut job. We need to look past these nut jobs and the smear jobs to what’s actually going down. They are trying to demonize one another with the hopes the establishment passes more authoritarian laws to crack down on the other sides, but we should all know this only leads to embolden the establishment with new powers.

For instance, Barr announced they will be using capitol punishment again, just in time for Trump to swiftly use it against these new shooters.

Today, I am also directing the Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the DEATH PENALTY – and that this capital punishment be delivered quickly, decisively, and without years of needless delay.

Also last month the FBI requesting tools to expand their monitoring of social media, prior to the FBI’s release of the anti government/conspiracy threat threat assessment, which can be views as the new thought police… This is also in light of the draconian laws we already on the books:

If you think Trump is an Authoritarian, then you should be worried and if you think Trump is our Saviour, you better hope your right, because things are not looking good. Both political bubbles are being pinned against each other to further the establishments erosion of civil liberties. Get your head out of your ass and realize they are playing us all like a fiddle.


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