The brainwashing is out of control, a % of people in health care having no ability to think critically on this matter. Pharma have done a good job of whitewashing their highly dangerous products.

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Doctor accidentally vaccinates baby with high risk HPV vaccine for teenagers, permanently injures baby, medical staff blame mother for health problems and remove custody
A Victoria mother is waging a campaign against the medical community after losing custody of her daughter.
But doctors instead are pointing to a form of medical child abuse called Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
Anita Vasquez, 35, said her daughter’s health troubles started in December when her 4-month-old daughter was accidentally injected with an HPV vaccine meant for her son.

Dr. Veronica Guel-Valdivia documented the alleged medical error in the patient’s chart and immediately reported it to the vaccine’s manufacturer.
Since then, Vasquez has accused several doctors and hospitals of missing or ignoring her baby’s symptoms.
Aniya Blu Vasquez, who turns 1 next month, has struggled most of her life with poor weight gain and hyponatremia, or low serum sodium levels. This condition can result in permanent disability or death if left untreated.
After Aniya was hospitalized three times at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, doctors reported Vasquez to the state for Munchausen syndrome by proxy for fabricating or causing an illness in her daughter.
The hospital, which declined to comment because of patient privacy, wrote a letter May 1 to Child Protective Services stating the hospital performed extensive research and testing, and there was no evidence the HPV shot could be causing Aniya to have these symptoms.
A caseworker reported that hospital staff think Vasquez was keeping her daughter sick in order to sue Guel-Valdivia for the accidental injection.
Vasquez adamantly denies she is hurting her daughter and points to a cover-up.
“They want to look at everybody else, but they don’t want to look at that vaccine,” she said.

Such is the problem with Vaccine Risk Denialism, we are now at a stage where anything else has to be the problem other than the vaccine, even when a known dangerous teenage vaccine has accidentally been given to a baby, they are still finding any other reason to blame for the baby’s ill health.
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