The Bread and Circuses Meme is Real Because People Are Really Stupid

by Chris Black

If you want a classic example of just how effective the distraction of the bread and circuses are just take a look at how much time, emotion and mental energy and focus the Irish and New Zealand people have been ploughing into the outcome of a recent Rugby test series.

The New Zealand people are practically apoplectic because a bunch of guys on a rugby field lost a game, while the Irish are euphoric because their team won. Neither supporting group of people appears to be anywhere near as animated or concerned by impending food shortages, hyperinflation, a major cost of living crisis, the damage that Covid vaccines have done to their health or the introduction of the tyrannical control system of Digital IDs and Digital currencies.

 The people of both countries fail to recognise the common enemies and threats they face. 

In 2020 and 2021 the governments of these two nations forcibly shutdown businesses, infringed upon the people’s fundamental human rights and freedoms and coerced them into an experimental medical trial. 

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The energy that should be invested in emotional outrage, political dissent and outright rebellion against the ruling class is instead redirected into unproductive emotional outlets such as frivolous forms of entertainment designed to keep the populace placated, docile and distracted. While they sat at home watching their television, the Irish celebrated the sporting achievements of men they don’t even know as if these achievements were their own. 

How sad.

 While the Kiwis mourned the sporting failure of men they also don’t know and have probably never met. 

Perhaps the only way normies can come to their senses is when there’s less bread available because right now the circuses are more than satisfying them.



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