The Brexit Party On 29 Seats Are Now The Largest Single Party In The European Parliament… EU Fraud Watchdog Considering Nigel Farage Investigation.

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Although British leaders have failed to find a consensus on how to make Brexit work, Sunday’s European elections seemed to prove that Brits still at least agree that they want Brexit. Nigel Farage, a leading force behind Brexit who left politics shortly after the successful 2016 referendum, returned about seven weeks ago with his new Brexit Party to try and get the process back on track.

Despite its infancy, the Brexit Party won 31.6 percent of the vote on Sunday. The Liberal Democrats came in second and Labour came in third, while the Conservative Party, the current one in government, came in an embarrassing fifth place.

Farage celebrated the victory, but is already looking toward the general election. He predicted a win if Britain fails to follow through on its promise and leave the EU by the latest deadline, October 31. The original deadline was March 29 but was forced into delays.

So naturally, it’s deja deep state all over again: EU fraud watchdog considering Nigel Farage investigation.

The European Union’s anti-fraud watchdog is considering whether Nigel Farage should be investigated for any illegal activity over lavish payment from Arron Banks, the Guardian has learned.

The agency, which goes by its French acronym, Olaf, revealed it was carrying out an assessment, which could lead to a formal investigation. This “initial assessment … does not mean that the individuals in question are guilty of any wrongdoing”, it said.

While not a full-blown inquiry, it is a rare and significant step for Olaf to consider investigating a member of the European parliament.

The European parliament this week opened an investigation into revelations made by Channel 4 that the insurance tycoon Arron Banks funded a lavish lifestyle for Farage in the year of the Brexit referendum. In 2016, Farage received expenses of about £450,000, including rent on a Chelsea home, furniture, security and promotional trips to the US, where he attended the Republican national convention.


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