The British rescued an entire animal shelter of 200 cats and dogs from Afghanistan on the last day

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  • Ex-marine Pen Farthing has escaped Kabul , Afghanistan with 200 cats and dogs
  • He was unfortunately had to leave behind his Afghan staff behind in the country
  • His wife Kaisa Markhus revealed he was delighted to say he was coming back


The wife of animal charity founder and former marine Pen Farthing last night spoke of her joy that her husband and his furry friends looked to be on their way home.

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Kaisa Markhus, who fled Afghanistan last week for her native Norway, was eating dinner with her father in Oslo when Pen video-called her from inside Kabul airport. ‘You should have seen the smile on my face,’ she said.

Following Thursday’s carnage, Kaisa knew her husband was planning another attempt to reach the airport – but had no idea when or if he would make it safely to Kabul.

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Talking exclusively to the Daily Mail about Pen’s dramatic evacuation, she said: ‘He’s now inside the airport and we had a quick video call. The second I saw him safely inside… you can imagine.’

Her husband and his animals escaping Kabul is the dream she has clung to ever since she was flown out of the city on a near-empty flight.


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