The bull market’s 10-year anniversary: What to do now?

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In just a few days’ time, we will officially reach the 10-year anniversary of the bull market. With the S&P 500 up 340%, you’re probably not alone in wondering how close the party is to being over.
That’s why, for this week’s episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, we bring in John Gillin, who left Wall Street after seven years to start his own hedge fund that beat the S&P 500 for every year it was operational.
This year, John joined Stansberry Newswire, where he uses his expertise to make individual stock recommendations and provide analysis on what’s moving markets.
While almost every pundit on TV says “stay long and strong!” we don’t think you’ll want to miss John’s insights on the latest tea leaves of economic growth.
He’s joined by extreme Value editor Dan Ferris, who points out we hit rarefied territory of all-time highs in late January. Luckily, there’s a much more important indicator than P/E ratio in the stock market – and it’s much more encouraging.

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