The California Legislature’s Effort To Bring Back Race And Sex Preferences:

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John Fund believes the Cal legislature’s effort to engineer the repeal of Proposition 209 may be a strategic blunder for Democrats.

Unusually high numbers of Asian Americans are neither Republicans nor Democrats. In California, about 40 percent are independents — the classic swing voter. In 2018, their swing to the Democrats was behind the party’s narrow capture of several ancestrally Republican House seats in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

But they can swing back, as the special-election victory by Republican Mike Garcia for a vacant House seat in Los Angeles proved this month. Garcia won a ten-point victory, including a majority of independents.

Already Asian-American grassroots organizations are planning anti-ACA-5 town halls across the state (via Zoom).

It’s funny.  Most (though not all) of the national organizations that claim to represent Asian Americans are against us.  But they are usually funded by foundations, not by members.  Actual Asian Americans are opposing ACA-5 with a passion.  It really exposes the gap between the elites of the identity politics world and the people they purport to represent.

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