The Cannabis Industry Is About To SKYROCKET! – What You Need To Know (with Malay Panchal)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Malay Panchal of Pure Global Cannabis Inc. regarding the century of attacks on the cannabis industry and how it is currently rising up as one of the greatest ground floor industries to be involved in. Following years of prohibition, the taboo aspect of the cannabis industry is fading away as we see its normalization throughout cultures around the world grow. As the herb is normalized, investors are getting in and getting in fast. There are some companies out there providing great products, whether medical grade THC and CBD, or simply recreational marijuana. These companies hold a fundamental value in the markets as this industry grows quickly in size and scope. Pure Global Cannabis is one of those fundamentally valuable businesses in our opinion. With state of the art growing, importing and exporting, a highly valuable team, vertical grow innovation and a market cap that already exceeds 50 million dollars pre-major announcements, the company clearly has a backbone. Malay explains Pure Global and how individuals can get involved before the rocket takes off.

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