The Chance We Are Going Into World War III Is Very Probable. Crisis Update.

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by Pamela Williams

The volatile situation in the world is ready to morph into World War III at any moment.  My advice to anyone reading this is to examine your life, who is important to you, and make any amends now that are plaguing you.  Honestly, we have talked about World War III, but we have never really faced it as we are doing now.
The following headline just popped up on the page I am reading:
VLAD KOREA MOVE Russia moves troops, helicopters and armoured vehicles to its border with North Korea as Putin braces for war.  Russia is on the move as we speak.

TENSIONS between the US, Russia, China and North Korea are spiking as President Trump sends warships into the Korean peninsula amid Kim Jong-un’s continued nuclear tests.  It does seem to be clear now that the US did take care of Kim’s last missile launch before it could prove successful.  I am sure Kim knows.  It is said that he is readying his military for another missile launch.
The USS Carl Vinson is now is the waters off the Korean Peninsula.  It is being reported that South Korea is extremely upset with the confusing information that was put out earlier that the ship was steaming toward NK.  They are very angry with the US that such a “bluff” was made in the name of psychological warfare.
And Russia is fuming at us.  Donald Trump’s attack on the Syrian regime could be viewed as a direct affront to Moscow.
Could World War Three happen?
North Korea conducted two nuclear tests and 24 ballistic missile tests last year, defying six UN Security Council resolutions banning any testing.   And it has conducted additional missile tests this year – including one that failed when the missile blew up soon after launching.
The hermit state has threatened that “nuclear war could break out at any moment”, but most experts believe it would not launch an attack as it would not survive a revenge strike by the US.  That means nothing when you are dealing with a delusional mad man like Kim.  He may want to go out in a blaze of glory and take many people with him.
There was a time when it seemed like the prospect of war with the likes of Russia and China had disappeared with the end of the Cold War. Now we are right back from where we started, but it is worse than ever before.
If war were to break out between the US and Russia I wonder who might win?   If you are basing it solely on hardware it would seem the US is in the best position to win.  The following is the best information on the comparison of “goods” between the two Countries I could find:

  1. The US is the only country in possession of fifth-gen fighter jets – 187 F-22s and an F-35 that is not yet out of the testing phase.
  2. Russia is developing one stealth fighter and China is working on four.
  3. In terms of submarines the US Navy has 14 ballistic missile submarines with a combined 280 nuclear missiles.They also possess four guided missile submarines with 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles each and 54 nuclear attack submarines.
  4. Russia has only 60 submarines but they are said to have outstanding stealth capabilities.They are also developing a 100-megaton nuclear torpedo.
  5. However, bottom line, no one is going to win in a nuclear war…no one.
  6. As far as China goes, they have five nuclear attack submarines, 53 diesel attack submarines, and four nuclear ballistic missile submarines to date.

As far as North Korea goes,  China has aided and abetted them to this point, and they would not have the capabilities they do without China.  Now Kim is unmanageable, even by China.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to tone down America’s stance and said it is looking for ways to “bring pressure on the regime” to “re-engage”.  What does “re-engage” mean?  We should try coordinating a meeting of the US, South Korea, and North Korea.  I really mean this, but I doubt Kim would come.  We need to treat him like the immature and delusional man he is, and possibly we could get his favorite stars like Katie Perry and Dennis Rodman to come.  That might be the only way to re’engage Kim.
The USA is not the only one who is concerned about recent aggression from Russia.  Number 10 Downing Street is also worried about Russia in 2017.  Writing in national security report, Prime Minister Theresa May says: “We are witnessing the resurgence of state-based threats – as displayed most obviously by Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine.”  Britain’s Armed Forces would be unable to protect the country against a full-scale attack from Russia, according to the former head of the Joint Forces Command.  General Sir Richard Barrons, who retired in April this year, has slammed the Ministry of Defence for “skinning” budgets and highlighted Vladimir Putin’s resurgent former superpower as a potential threat to the country.
Are Russia and Putin really all that terrifying?  Dr Alan Mendoza, executive director at the Henry Jackson Society security think-tank say this: “We’ve seen Russia increase its sphere of influence and been quite aggressive on its borders and seemingly getting away with it.  “And that will empower them to do more.”
The Russians have had it all their own way. Mendoza goes on to say, “Everything has gone his way. Everything.” (meaning Putin) “You’ve never seen a case where every gamble goes your way in politics but he has done it and that in itself is pretty amazing.”
Dr Mendoza continued: “Just remember the reason he is doing all of this is essentially because of domestic weakness. The economy is faltering at home and he needs to distract the Russian people’s’ attention elsewhere. This imperial project of his is a very popular one and he will continue to do it as long as he feels he needs to.”
General Sir Alexander Richard David Shirreff, ex-NATOs Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, warned Russia could invade the Baltic States in 2017.  Putin is deploying troops and tanks next to the Baltic States, but NATO will not have defenses there until May.  Thousands of Russian troops are stationed near its border with the Baltic States.
General Shirreff said: “All that is there is the armed forces of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which would probably generate about 10,000 including reservists on their own, each.  “So Russia could just bite off a chunk or bite off all tonight. And they could crack it in a couple of days before NATO was ever able to react.”
Whoa…Russia is really busy right now, and it is a busy that may cause World War III.
In conclusion, I want to rehash North Korea and their threat to the world.  It is a hard call to make, but the reason I do feel very negative about NK is the Kim is a delusional and evil human being, who has no right to be in control of his people.
WHILE Putin is on the warpath, North Korea’s weirdo leader Kim Jong-un may finally release his dream of becoming a nuclear warlord this year.  According to a regime defector his New Year’s resolution was to be a fully fledged nuclear power.  Dr Alan Mendoza said: “There’s potential to have a full nuclear arsenal being developed there with a mad man in charge.  “Nobody knows his intentions and how to handle him really. We are all wishing that will go away but it won’t.  There’s a real danger that he will spark something in North Korea which could drag in neighbouring countries as well.”
Defector and former diplomat to the UK, Thae Yong-ho, said: “As long as Kim Jong-un is in power, North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons.  The North will not give them up even if the country is offered $1trillion or $10trillion in return.”
This is the bottom line with North Korea, and we might as well face the fact that it is not going to change.


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5 thoughts on “The Chance We Are Going Into World War III Is Very Probable. Crisis Update.

  1. Scare mongery. It looks more like China and Russia are protecting their borders and planning for contingencies should the little fat bloke with a funny haircut or the old bloke with funny hair and small hands do something silly.

  2. If it goes to WW3, it wont be much with nukes Globally…..they need us all so much…trust me ( famous last words )
    Mutual destruction is not the game the powers out there really want, they need slaves, lots of them, and to build up even much more greater slavery than is now. The forces out there controlling this World are not humans, but something else, and their plans goes down with the toilet if we all drop dead.
    What is in reality happening in large scale is mass poisoning, EMF radiation, MSM mind control, and the usual….goverments and demogracy sucks, becouse they are just and ONLY tools to the powers that be agaist us all .
    Is they are allready killing you , or harming, why would they need Global nuke war ? They dont, and it`s i believe some sort of distraction fear mongering combo BS …The all killing goes all out there ,quietly ,silently huuusshhuuush ,they disaple people getting them sick or just kill em. Sick poeple dont have the energy allways to fight .
    I think God is allways in control , but not everyone will be saved when the time comes, so start now, do not sin, help others , do not do wrong. Amen.

  3. Russia aggression? What aggression?Americans have been bombing the ME for 27 years, They’ve destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya and Syria. They are helping in the destruction of Yemen, Somalia and Ukraine. Pakistan still gets drone bombed. They are trying hard to start something with Iran. NATO is putting more troops on Russia’s borders. Now Americans want to mess things up in Asia. Installing THAAD in Korea to piss China. Pushing North Korea to a corner until they react.,.. And Russians are called aggressors…What a joke Americans have become.

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