The Chinese are now writing our laws and its terrifying

by scholes44

The American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC has abandoned their commitment to America’s free market economy. American companies like Exxon Mobil are leaving ALEC organization in droves, and massive Chinese conglomerates like Alibaba are replacing them. What model bills is China writing?

ALEC is a non-profit group with hundreds of corporate members. Those companies help write model legislation that they then hand-off to nearly 2,000 state legislator members. Those state lawmakers then try to pass the bill in their state. In a good year, roughly 200 ALEC-based bills become law, so as you can see, ALEC’s corporate members basically write our state laws.

Before this year, only American companies were members, but now they’re letting Chinese companies join. Are they writing bills that steal our intellectual property and destroy our manufacturing jobs?

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I also found this on 4Chan:


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