The CIA is Cleaning House in the Ukraine

by Chris Black

While the corruption is very real and persuasive, it is still a distraction and a diversion.

The people engineering these events at the very top are the same private entities that own the nations central banks, who retain godlike ability to print fiat from nothing at will, so in this instance it matters absolutely not how much money it takes to get these high level puppets to carry out the greater agenda, blinded by their own shortsighted greed.

As much as one might loathe Zelensky, Biden and any political leader from other nations, never forget they too are useful idiots playing a role, and will be disposed of when they are no longer useful.

The 3 main ways these useful idiots are baited to go along with larger agendas they do not understand is A. blackmail.  B. feeding their greed.  C. making them think they are part of the plan and thus powerful and indispensable.

The good news is that Zelensky is getting desperate. Firing his advisor Arestovich was a very big deal.

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Arestovich is now out there saying the country is doomed.

Zelensky is continuing to fire people.

He’s now banned government officials and cops from leaving the country.

The Ukraine was considered the most corrupt country in Europe for a very long time, and Zelensky was named as the most corrupt leader in the world by several Western publications before the Russian invasion (when he became a Marvel superhero).

In terms of a government collapse – it doesn’t really affect anything.

The Ukraine government has already stepped aside, and the country is being run by the military.


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