The “Cleaner” – Quick as a Flash…Picks Up Hllary's Crib Notes (she knew the questions in advance)

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Here’s the full Clinton -vs- Trump debate video for those who might have missed it.
Odd Note(s) – At the conclusion of the debate, specifically at 1:35:30, you see the “Cleaner” swoop in quick as a flash and put the papers in his folder.

16 thoughts on “The “Cleaner” – Quick as a Flash…Picks Up Hllary's Crib Notes (she knew the questions in advance)

  1. I have been saying this for weeks that she would be given the questions in advance. Trump needs to change the questions on round two and ignore the lib moderators.

  2. There was another article by a Baltimore paper saying that an NBC intern dressed as a Fed Ex employee was seen hand delivering a package to her campaign headquarters manager’s office a week before the debate. And now a “CLEANER” swoops in to collect the crib notes. How much can this witch actually cheat and not get caught? Plenty. The elite are scared to death she will lose and they will be forced to clean up their act and stop fleecing the USA.

  3. Did you notice right at the end all cameras were focused on the Clintons like they had just won the Super Bowl? The MSM’s support for Hillary gets ever more obvious.

        • Yes, saw that. They are despicable. Now there is a video out showing Hill giving signals to Lester Holt on when he should interrupt and/or throw the Q her way (so she could use her script to refute something). It was anytime she scratched her face. The video is well done to show that it worked every time except one, so she threw in her scripted crap even after the subject had changed.

  4. Trump, it appears, went easy on Clinton because the Clinton kid Chelsea was in the audience. A lot of people won’t believe that, but, I do, Trump, is just that kind of person. Of course, Clinton, was given the questions in advance, she and Bill probably practiced, the answers, the week Hillary was no where to be found. I felt like Trump did poorly, like he wasn’t really there, I don’t know. Has Trump been Ross Peroted, threats, made against his family? Trump, is actually too much of a gentleman, emphasis on, gentle. Saw the “cleaner” pick up the notes from Hillary’s podium, the MSM will never show any of this to the people and the Alt Media has few people, to make a difference. I think the biggest problem is trump is not a vocal person, it appears he doesn’t really know how to use word’s to go after a person, and, for some reason he refused to acknowledge the setup against him, like he did before, in the Republican Debates. Trump, did take a stab at laying it on the line, but Holt, cut him off, Trump, should have never took it laying down. Not having the education of a Lawyer like Clinton has, i.e., years and years of practicing her trade, a Lawyer, defending Bill against all odds, has made Hillary, a mean sob, in a debate. Depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is I guess. Makes me want to scream, sometimes I do, but, don’t tell anyone. I think a Lawyer learns to foster a lie and no matter what keep at it until the other side either gives up or gets lost in rhetoric. Trump, did get lost I think, especially, when Clinton did her swarm attack on the economy, one lie after another, cascading, until even I, under no stress, couldn’t keep up, and, I was really trying to -keep up. Also, and to Trump’s, determent, he took a long road when answering the questions, something Clinton just kept smiling about. In a debate one mustn’t labor a point but move quickly from one to the next so you get as many points in as possible. Trump, had enough time, though, when he did get going Holt would cut him off, which, I think, probably really messed Trump up. Trump, had more than enough time to get Benghazi in, and, the Haiti deal, and, the Foundation, wow, there he could have buried Clinton had he really prepared for the debate like he should have. Well, I hope Trump fires his team, all of them, for, they are certainly not in his corner, and don’t you know, probably everyone on his team is a Lawyer educated person, so, they should have told Trump what was coming and prepared him for it. Not much time left, one thing in Trump’s favor, the assault against white majority rule- (though white people as Bill Clinton predicted are verily if even, a majority, anymore, Bill Clinton said, America, would be better when America had no majority people anymore, Mr. Trump, could have asked Hillary, if she stood by her husbands’ statement, asking, is America better?) -and the Constitution, and, the Bill of Rights, is ongoing and increasing, maybe if all the white people who can vote do vote for Mr. Trump, then we can win. Can’t depend on the white college aged people though they are all brainwashed and gone from their own reality. So far gone, they will vote for their own demise and gladly. Sad.

  5. WTF was that? That guy wisked away whatever was on Hitlery’s podium. When we next see him he’s holding either folder or what could be a notepad with the back facing out, presumably hiding whatever it was he took off the podium. After Trump shakes Holt’s hand no one else seems to be looking at Holt except this guy who has fixated on Holt. He then walks across the stage the whole time maintaining eye contact with Holt, meets up with Holt and appears to give Holt whatever he is holding while giving a slight nod and smiling.
    Something fishy with that!

  6. I found it interesting that someone who couldn’t remember the most basic and fundamental things during FBI questioning but could remember detailed facts and figures throughout the evening. I just kept saying to myself, either way, you’re nothing but a thieving, manipulating, psycho/sociopath LIAR!!!
    P.S., And don’t forget the contraption she wore, the little box on her backside with a cord that ran up her spinal cord to at the base of her neck…maybe her head! That ain’t normal!

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