WikiLeaks Drops Another Bombshell On Hillary Clinton And The FBI And The Latest Assange Interviews.

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by Pamela Williams
WikiLeaks dropped more leaks as the Debate played out. First of all, they reported Hillary was given a better camera angle, because it made her look more authoritative. In my opinion, that is no biggie, but the next tidbit they dropped is.
The FBI just dumped189 pages of heavily redacted Clinton witness interviews.

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Clinton, her aides, and everyone at Platte River Institute, the server Hillary hired, violated a subpoena and deleted her emails.  This is not new news, but, nevertheless, it bears repeating.
The big deal is that everyone at Platte River Institute saw Hillary’s emails, whether classified or unclassified.

A technician hired by Hillary Clinton to run the private email system she used while US secretary of state told investigators he tried to pass on colleagues’ concerns that the system might not comply with records laws, FBI interview summaries show.
Bryan Pagliano, the technician Clinton hired when she joined the State Department in 2009, told federal investigators he relayed the concerns to Cheryl Mills, then Clinton’s chief of staff.
Mills, whose lawyer did not respond to requests for comment, has previously testified under oath she could not recall anyone alerting her to potential problems with Clinton’s email arrangement.
The episode had not been disclosed until the Federal Bureau of Investigation released on Friday night nearly 200 pages of additional records from its year-long investigation into the handling of classified government documents by Clinton and her staff via an unauthorized email server in the basement of her New York home.
So thanks to WikiLeaks the public now has more information of laws broken by Hillary Clinton concerning her private email server.  Further we have proof of Platte River Institute alerting Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s chief of staff, of their concerns about the fact the server was able to be viewed by anyone.  Further, we know Mills lied about this to the FBI, and the FBI knew it.
FBI Director should resign now, and the voting public must remember all of these incriminating facts against Hillary Clinton which makes her unfit for the Presidency of the United States.
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34 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Drops Another Bombshell On Hillary Clinton And The FBI And The Latest Assange Interviews.”

  1. Basically nothing new… I wonder who at wikileaks has the authority to determine what is legal or not, and more so to ask for the resignation of the FBI Director based on these unsurprising revelations. There is nothing new in here!

    • B.S! Having ‘everyone’ in a private, yet very commercial ISP/-data handling house is a very big deal when it comes to bald-face lying to the FBI! –Basically, you could pardon everyone in prior history who ever suffered a day over this ‘rule’ at the Dept of Justice, -a misnomer now, if there every was one!

      • Of course, the Bush administration did exactly the same thing by housing the Whitehouse server at the RNC, where anyone could access it. But no one remembers, no one cares.

    • The material that the FBI just dumped documents before the election is new. Yes, there were some new facts,, and we need to keep repeating them. We have a lot of power in our words on the Internet. That is a given. Assange did not make a statement, but this news did come forth right around Debate time.

  2. Can our government get a y more corrupt?
    YES it can, just elect Hillary.
    FBI dumping her emails on a Friday afternoon, does an agency get any more political than that?

    • Thank you!!! Government has been corrupt since watergate. The corruption didn’t leak out of the President during watergate it probobly leaked in. He was involved and he wasn’t the only corruption in the white house, just most of them didn’t get cought. We are #41 on Journalist without boardrs. And Hong Kong is #1 in economic freedom. You think America is free? Think again. Our press is controlled (but they like it, @ least the big companies do) I’m so disappointed in the country I was raised to be proud of. The fundamentals I was taught was what made America, America… all the great things that make us the free world, just doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not sure I ever saw a time it did. Sad. I’m ashamed to admit I’m American in other countries.

    • Assange has not actually made the statement everyone was speaking about, but just as soon as the FBI made the dump, WikiLeaks got the information out. And yes, it is all a big deal. If it were you, You would be put away where the sun does not shine.

  3. If Julian A doesn’t realize the goods, then it could go bad for him, as I read someone else say. If he releases, what can they do? If he holds on to it, doesn’t release, then they, the Clintons, can add him onto their bucket list. I say release. Let the pieces fall where they may. Someone else said that Alex Jones says this, so I am repeating. I do agree with him. And expose the crime and scream it out. They do not want to be exposed.


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