THE COLORADO RESISTANCE: Jefferson County Sheriff won’t enforce Foothills concealed carry ban; says civil offense the district’s responsibility.

via completecolorado:

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader has sent a letter to the Foothills Parks and Recreation District (FPRD) clarifying any role his office would play in a possible future regulation to ban the concealed carry of a firearm by lawfully-permitted citizens on district-managed property.

“I have substantial concern in taking action against an individual who is otherwise acting in a legal and proper manner,” Shrader said in part in the letter.

Shrader’s office sent Complete Colorado, which broke the story outlining the district’s plan, a copy of the letter.

At issue is Senate Bill 21-256, which allows local governments to enact gun control laws within their jurisdiction that are “not less restrictive than state laws governing the sale, purchase, transfer, or possession of the firearm, ammunition, or firearm component or accessory.”

In other words, local governments may enact gun regulations only if they are stricter than those at the state level. A local government could not, for instance, expand gun rights or loosen existing restrictions under the new law, as one might expect under the traditional understanding of local control.

It certainly what I expect from Democrats’ understanding of local control.

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