The comedy how I lost all my money in two hours

by fail0verflowf9

I’m trading for 11 months with pretty good success.

I never traded metals and forex before, just stocks. Today when gold started to consolidate at the last hour, I decided to scalp short it with a large amount, so I opened 100 lots. I haven’t realised, in forex 100 (lots) doesn’t mean “100 pcs”, because I used to stocks and I went full retard without knowledge.

Seconds later, I realised it means 10 million dollars (1 lot = 100.000, and I had 500x leverage).

It moved up a bit and immediately I was down £4000. I scared as f*ck and rather than closing the position quickly I hoped maybe I could close break even.

The market closed, and I waited for the Asian session. The gold popped like never before, and I lost all my life savings (£55000) in less than two hours. (including the 1-hour break between sessions).

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If I count that I lost all my earnings as well, I lost around £85000.

Here is the margin call

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IC Markets closed my position partially in every 1-2 minutes until I shut it myself at £35.

You know the rest of the story. I’m depressed, crying and shouting with myself.

Yes, I know I was stupid, thanks. I just wanted to share this with you.




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