The coming economic collapse and the new Monetary system!

by SaltMeeting

Most people are aware that we are printing money out at an alarming rate! The United States was already trillions in debt before this pandemic so don’t let them tell you the pandemic was the cause. Because it wasn’t! This is happening all over the western world one look at a debt clock for every country will tell you the same thing! The world is in debt!

Iet me start off by telling you that minimum wage is a joke. The point of minimum wage was to pay a wage that someone could live off.

Why does minimum wage no longer work? Because of inflation “inflation is where currency is devalued” aka it’s worth less than before. As the value of money drops and minimum wage stagnates it no longer protects you!

What about the 15 dollar minimum wage Bill the democrats are trying to get passed! This is extremely dishonest way of them pretending they actually care! You see the real issue is inflation has caused the price of things to skyrocket! Our dollars value has been getting so low that if we adjusted for inflation on minimum wage today it would be $30 dollars an hour! Side note congress adjusts its pay according to inflation!

More information on inflation normally when you inflate the money by printing more money that will mean their is more money roaming around in the economy ! However that is no longer the case “look into the Panama papers” I suggest you watch the documentary! There are trillions of dollars being wealth hoarded in offshore shell corporations and bank accounts! So in reality the dollar is devalued for nothing! Their isn’t anymore money out in the wild stimulating the economy! It’s being held to retain its value within the country!

You are probably wondering what I mean? Well think of it this way. if I print a bunch of money and than allow it to filter it’s way back to me and I have a system of people who hoard it, I can take all the money out of the economy that was printed.

Yeah so? Meaning among the population the dollar will have the same value just the cost of everything goes up aka you don’t see more money within the system! That’s why they can still pay people 15 dollars when they should be getting paid 30! The dems and republicans are laughing because they printed out half the money we had Circulating in our economy already this year! Meaning the devalued your $15 in half so they are basically fighting to make minimum wage $7.50.

This system is illegal and is probably the most unethical evil thing done to people! But I fear the system is set to collapse! That is what was intended!

If the system was to self correct you would get hyper inflation “ they don’t want this” basically the money becomes worthless and takes a bunch just to buy a loaf of bread! Look up Zimbabwe money! If this happens that means everyone pays off their debt extremely easy! However it requires stupid amounts of money to buy anything aka 5 million dollars for a candy bar! Yeah! The cost or work, homes, cars etc everything goes up! Meaning a normal salary wouldn’t be 30,000 after this shit it!

They don’t want that to happen debt is what makes you a slave, taxes make sure you can’t hold wealth and that you need to keep working just to stay afloat!

The main point in this! They want to hold onto your debt while the flip the board over and start a new game! And they are going to make you an offer! They are going to settle your debt and make you sign over your rights to own anything! You will have to rent everything! Look up world economic forum “build back better”

This new system you will get is called universal basic income! They will give you money, you can not hold onto money or create any wealth or saving! They want total control over their slaves! In this new system they will adjust value on things! The people who don’t take the deal will be forced to pay back their debt on money that is now worth a lot more! They think this is fair and just!

You can bet your ass they will issue new laws and policy based on class warfare! The wealthy who stole and cheated and hoarded their wealth will get to keep what they stole and hoarded! It will only keep getting worse with generations! I think the first generation will get treated fairly nice however after 2 more generation they will drive the point home your a slave! They will take meat away, make people eat ground up bugs “protein”, homes will be basically pods you sleep in. Everything will cost money that you can never own including your carbon footprint which will be the end of the year tax and will adjust to your UBI the next year! Meaning your still in debt slavery!

That’s if you take the deal! If everyone is wise to the game! They don’t win! The game resets itself and the wealth they stole and devalued means nothing! Once the monetary system collapses we have one chance to take everyone of them out of office in every country! Start over with a new system for ourselves!


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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