The Compilation of every CNN fake news story against Trump since he became the Republican nominee.

by shitsinyoursafespace
(5/9) 1. CNN Repeatedly Claims George Bush Sr. Signed NAFTA. It was Bill Clinton
(5/9) 2. CNN Denies Facts About Hillary’s Legal Career; CNN Previously Reported Those Same Exact Facts – down to the exact words.
(7/13) 3. CNN “Loses Connection” When Reporter Brings Up Hillary’s Past Criminal Justice Reforms
(8/1) 4. CNN Reporter Caught Misrepresenting Hillary Clinton Crowd Sizes to Look Larger
(8/2) 5. CNN Chooses to Prioritize its Criticisms of Donald Trump’s Choice of Cutlery Over Chemical Warfare
(8/8) 6. CNN Runs Hit-Piece on Trump, Ends up Equating African Americans with Felons
(8/10) 7. CNN Says Secret Service had Several’ Meetings with Trump About 2nd Amendment Comment; It had Zero
(8/29) 8. CNN Edits Out the Word ‘Crooked’ when Reporting Trump’s Tweet on Hillary
(8/31) 9. CNN’s Headline News Interviews Hero, Blurs Out his “Trump 2016” Shirt
(9/9) 10. CNN Claims Howard Stern Verified Story on Trump; Howard Stern Directly States that CNN is Lying
(9/17) 11. CNN Edits Out Clinton’s Use of the Word ‘Bomb,’ Attacks Trump for Saying ‘Bomb’
(9/19) 12. CNN Falsely Claims (over and over) that Donald Trump Called for “Racial Profiling”
(9/22) 13. CNN Demands Dr. Drew Retract Statements on Hillary Clinton’s Health, Cancels His Show Because of the Comments
(10/9) 14. CNN’s Pam Brown Caught Coaching a Presidential Debate Focus Against Trump
(10/11) 15. CNN’s Donna Brazile Caught Sneaking Debate Questions to Hillary Clinton
(10/12) 16. CNN Falsely Tells Viewers that it is Illegal to View WikiLeaks
(10/12 ) 17. CNN Disputes Existence of Hillary Audiotapes; CNN Reported on the Same Tapes Previously
(10/18) 18.. CNN’s Dan Merica Claims there’s Nothing to See in WikiLeaks; CNN’s Dan Merica is Implicated in Wikileaks for collusion with DNC against Trump
(10/19) 19. CNN ”Loses Connection” When Congressman Brings Up what WikiLeaks tells us about Clinton
(10/30) 20. CNN Falsely Claims Trump Told Crowd to Vote Twice, then Stealth Edits its Story, but Only After Media Outlets Report CNN’s Lie
(11/6) 21. CNN Executive’s Spouse Caught Colluding with DNC, Tipping Them Off on Unreleased Polls
(11/6) 22. CNN Caught Colluding with DNC on Questions for Trump, Cruz
(11/8) 23. CNN Interviews Angry Anti-Trump ‘Protestor’ who is Really Cameraman John Grkovic
(11/11) 24. CNN “Loses Connection” When Muslim Trump Supporter Brings Up Amir Khan’s Wife
(11/21) 26. CNN Uses False Story for Absurd Report, Discusses ‘If Jews are People’; if that’s not enough, they somehow try to tie it to Trump
(11/22) 27. CNN Contributor Falsely Claims Trump Told the Crowd at a Rally to Give the Nazi Salute
(11/22) 28. CNN’s Charles Kaiser, who is white, has a debate with an African American guest. Kaiser states that Steve Bannon “uses the word n*****.” The CNN moderator, Dana Bash, begins crying (because Kaiser used the actual n-word) and ends the interview. Kaiser later admits that Bannon never used the N-word and then he apologizes, unclear to whom.
(12/1) 29. CNN Crew Caught Joking About President Trump Dying in a Plane Crash
(12/2) 30. CNN ‘Reports’ on Anti-Trump Protest in Cincinatti, Shows Month Old Photo from Los Angeles
(12/10) 31. CNN Claims Election Hacking is Impossible Before Election, Blames Trump’s Victory on Hacking
(12/29) 32. CNN Falsely Reports that Russia Retaliated to Sanctions by Closing American School
(12/31) 33. CNN Pushes Fake News Story About Russians Hacking Vermont Power Grid
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(1/1) 34. CNN Reports on ‘Election Hacking’ with Footage from Fallout 4 Video Game
(1/4) 35. CNN Contributor Falsely Asserts that WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is a Pedophile
(1/16) 36. CNN Reporter Claims That Trump Only Meets with ‘Mediocre Negroes’ & Black Entertainers; Trump Met with MLK III Earlier that Day and Plans to Meet with over 100 African American Leaders, Few of Whom are Entertainers
(2/1) 40. CNN’s Errol Lewis Pushes False Story that Trump’s Executive Order Caused Michigan Woman’s Death
(2/1) 41. CNN Falsely Claims Trump Brought Neil Hardiman to DC as a ‘decoy’; Hardin wasn’t in DC to Begin with
(2/9) 42. CNN calls everyone ‘Fake News’, Says it’s Like the N-word after Trump calls them it
(2/10) 43. CNN, after having been called ‘fake news’ by Trump, “Loses Connection” When Bernie Sanders Jokes that CNN is ‘Fake News’
(2/10) 44. CNN Falsely Claims Melania Trump Blew Off Akie Abe During Japanese Visit
(2/11) 45. CNN Falsely Reports White House Staffers Gifted Sean Spicer Several Supersoakers
(2/15) 46. CNN Headline Falsely Implies Damning Info About Trump’s Contact with Russia
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(2/19) 47. CNN Headline Implies Trump’s Executive Order Caused Hawaii Man’s Death
(3/1) 48. CNN, in discussing Trump’s AG Jeff Sessions, Falsely Claims Loretta Lynch Recused Herself of All Clinton-Related Decisions
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(3/2) 49. CNN Host Cites False Tweet From Democrat Senator as ‘Best Resource’ to Attack Sessions
(3/6) 50. CNN “Loses Connection” When Congressman (who is defending Trump’s Executive Order) Brings Up FBI’s Terrorism Stats on Refugees
51. CNN Reporter Claims Baltimore Police Officers are Military Veterans ‘ready to do battle’
52. CNN Pushes the Widely Debunked “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Narrative (Ferguson)
53. CNN Edits Out Sherelle Smith’s Calls for Violence, Reports her Message of ‘Peace’ (Milwaukee)
54. CNN Deceptively Edits Video of Keith Scott Shooting, Removes Police Yelling ‘Drop the Gun’ (Charlotte)
55. CNN Anchor Says Gunman who Stormed Dallas Police HQ was ‘courageous & brave’, Gives Nonapology
56. CNN’s Don Lemon Falsely Claims Anyone Can Buy an Automatic Weapon, Has No Idea What an Automatic Weapon is
57. CNN Runs Highly Misleading Headline About Congressional Action on Gun Control
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58. CNN “Loses Connection” When Guest Brings Up Jesus (and Preaches Unity) in Wake of Ferguson Shooting
59. CNN Anchor Claims 12 year old Girls are ‘the problem’ for Not Wanting to See Penises
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60. CNN Reports on ‘ISIS Flag’ at Gay Pride Parade; Flag Depicts Dildos & Buttplugs
61. CNN’s Brian Stelter Falls for Fake News, Promotes YouTube Prankster’s Hoax Video
62. CNN Falls for Fake News About CNN, Apologizes for Airing Porn it Never Aired
63. CNN Deceptively Edits Trump Interview, Swaps His Answers to Different Questions to Manufacture Claim he Wants to Start a ‘Muslim registry’

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  1. People that sit around and come up with garbage like this are the buffoons that are destroying this country. Imbeciles like this that treat our political system like a UFC match have utterly ruined the political landscape.


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