The concept of the Deep State is being pushed to the public to distract from the existence of the Shadow Government.

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One of my early introductions to conspiracy thought was the Deep Politics of Peter Scott Dale. I was very impressed with the cohesive argument that power is wielded in private and that the public facing heirarchies are nothing more than puppets parroting the will of occulted sources.

I then found the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics and their in depth analysis of the four pillars of power in the Western world and how institutions from intelligence agencies to banks to the Catholic Church have been amassing power through generations and convened in groups to determine policy which is then passed on to politicians and other officials.

The ideas make total sense and I recommend everyone study these sources.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that this theory of Deep Politics, and by extension the Deep State, is no longer accurate to describe the real structure of the source of power, at least in the United States of America.

On 9/11 a little known but officially documented emergency procedure was activated known as the Continuity of Government. This act de facto legalized a shadow government of unelected people to take over critical functions of the government, with secret bases built into mountains impenetrable by bombs.

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From this moment forward every political event has been a sham, legally, the president and Congress don’t determine policy, who will fill the most important positions among elected officials are determined before the vote, and a majority of Washington is controlled by them by different levels of blackmail.

A few of the implications of this are things like, there will be indefinite war even if Congress all of a sudden decided to try and stop it, the economy is controlled and recessions are planned, the massive expansion of the surveillance state has serious sinister motives.

In accordance with the Continuity of Government program, the rule of law has been suspended and the Shadow Government is operating as if we are at war, but with who? Among many enemies, is us, the people. And we are being subjected to a MindWar and to poisons and to poverty as a means of being beaten into submission and subservience so that future corrupted agendas can be executed at will.

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So now the term “deep state” has basically become a meme in the mainstream media to refer to the intelligence agencies pushing back against Trump. But it’s all a scam, it’s for show, just like Democrats vs. Republicans is fake, so is Trump vs. the Deep State. It’s a show put on to fool the people, we got a little wise to the One-Party State so they drew the curtains back a little bit, but there’s many more veils behind it still draped to the floor.

All these institutions, the Presidency, the CIA, think tanks, they are all arms of this black octopus shadow government that is expanding it’s tentacles into all of society, from financial institutions, to corporations, to the media, to Hollywood.

I had been using the term Deep State frequently recently in my writings and comments and that is going to stop. Maybe at one point it referred to something legitimate but it’s evolved into something more singular and sinister.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts, Love vibes to all.


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