The confidence inspired Trump bump is already fading and growth is stalling, $VIX has broken all down trend lines since 2008.

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The has broken all down trend lines since 2008. The VIX spike prior to the financial crisis looks strikingly similar to the spike we saw in February via
Yesterdays $VIX

Today’s $VIX

Peter Schiff?:
Throwing the stock market a bone #Powell walked back his hawkish tone saying no evidence the economy is overheating. Apart from the fact that economies don’t overheat from too much growth, the facts show the confidence inspired Trump bump is already fading and growth is stalling.

The US may be where the bond bubble bursts thanks to ‘aggressive …

CNBCFeb 28, 2018
Rapidly mounting debt in the U.S. may be the trigger that bursts the bond bubble, one private equity investor told CNBC on Wednesday, echoing concerns of financial veterans Alan Greenspan and Paul Tudor Jones. Asked where he expected the catalyst to come from amid a gradually quickening bond sell-off, Jordon …

US students now owe Uncle Sam more than was spent on the entire …

RT42 minutes ago
In the meantime, student debt in the country has managed to swell to a record high of $1.5 trillion with the US government holding nearly 70 percent of those education loans, reports the financial website Sovereign Man. A total of $1.06 trillion in student loans reportedly belong to the state, according to the annual financial …

IMF chief sees growth, overheating, debt risks from US tax cuts

Nasdaq2 hours ago
But Lagarde said a bigger concern was the increase in U.S. budget deficits and debt that she said would begin to cut the growth rate starting in 2022. A fiscal watchdog group, the Center For a Responsible Federal Budget, has estimated the deficit could top $1 trillion as early as 2019 between the tax cuts and a spending …

Photos Show Venezuelan Zoo Animals Starving, Dying Amid …

Newsweek14 hours ago
Venezuela’s increasingly dire food shortage continues to drive thousands of human residents to neighboring countries, but animals trapped in the nation’s zoos are also facing starvation at staggering rates. As hyper-inflation and a downward spiraling economy continue to wreak havoc on the country, photos emerged this …

Starving Venezuelans eat RATS and DOG FOOD as economic …

Daily Mail5 hours ago
Levels of poverty in Venezuela have become so acute that large numbers of people are abandoning their pet dogs in cities of the country because they are unable to feed and vaccinate them, newspaper reports say. Most of the dogs are starving and taking over garbage-lined street corners, blocking Venezuelans who …
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4 thoughts on “The confidence inspired Trump bump is already fading and growth is stalling, $VIX has broken all down trend lines since 2008.

    no wall is NO MAGA, and everyone KNOWS IT NOW.
    why invest in a BROKEN PROMISE to fix OUR BROKEN NATION?

    • Because they’re just like Obamaphiles and Bushaholics; “OUR guy is NEVER wrong!”
      This country is an outstanding example of Einstein’s definition of insanity; Expecting a different outcome.

      • I think Abe Lincoln was a mass murderer BUT he did say some true things:
        “I know the American People are much attached to their Government;–I know they would suffer much for its sake;–I know they would endure evils long and patiently, before they would ever think of exchanging it for another. Yet, notwithstanding all this, if the laws be continually despised and disregarded, if their rights to be secure in their persons and property, are held by no better tenure than the caprice of a mob, the alienation of their affections from the Government is the natural consequence; and to that, sooner or later, it must come.” — Abraham Lincoln

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