The Conservatives Trying to Switch Trump Out for DeSantis are Hoping That Nobody Will Notice If They Superficially Ape Trump’s Vulgarity

by Chris Black

The median Trump voter comes in two forms, the rural guy who likes to shotguns beers on an ATV + urban whites who like to use the N-word and love Trump’s vulgarity.

The GOP can win presidential elections by maximizing turnout of these groups, but is not interested in that for aesthetic reasons.

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Instead they chase “the normies”: bourgeois suburbanites who look down on both rural and urban whites and see support for Donald Trump as low status.

For a typical Virginia, Arizona or Georgia suburban housewife, voting for Trump is akin to being juggalo or having a confederate flag bumper sticker.

Through Ron DeSantis they think they can consolidate Youngkin voters with Trump voters but may end up pleasing neither. Hard to tell from this vantage point, but the coming DeSantis push could end up a big money failure akin to Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 presidential run.


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