The Core Right To Self-Defense Is Under Attack – US Gun And Taser Laws – Europe’s Knife Laws.

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by Ruby Henley

On April 14, 2018, the cream of the crop in law-abiding American citizens rallied together in state capitals across this Country.  Honorable in their endeavor to protect the United State Constitution, Patriots shook hands and spoke out. There was not one incident that occurred in any of the 50 rallies that disturbed the peace, and that is why I call them “the cream of the crop in law-abiding citizens.”

Democrats are working together to mow down the Right To Bear Arms, which is given in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  Every human being has the right to protect themselves, and I think this movement by the Left goes against that core right.

The information I discovered today brings me to the above conclusion, as weapons of all kinds are being banned.  Europeans are now questioning the right to carry a knife, and taser guns are illegal in much of the US. Knives and tasers?  Something is wrong here.

There are lawmakers in the US who are opposed to any method of self-defense, and they are in the majority in the states where tasers are illegal.  Do they just want us to give our lives on a silver platter to any criminal who wants to take them? Can I even carry a stick? How about a walking cane?  Is that legal?

In my opinion, tasers provide a female with a means to an end if she does not feel comfortable carrying a gun.  I am one of those females. I do not feel comfortable carrying a gun, so a taser would do for me very well or so I thought.

Let us look at questions surrounding knives in Europe, as this is extremely outlandish to me.  Open your eyes and look at this:

“A new violent crime taskforce of 120 officers has been created using additional funding from City Hall announced by the Mayor in February. The taskforce will focus solely on violent crime, weapon-enabled crime and serious criminality.

The Met Police has introduced targeted patrols with extra stop and search powers for areas worst-affected by knife crime

The Mayor is protecting the number of frontline police officers on London’s streets by investing £110m in the Met Police.

Police made more than 900 arrests during Operation Winter Nights in November and December, taking more than 350 weapons off London’s streets.

In February Mayor created the £45m Young Londoners Fund to help steer young people away from violent crime

Knife wands are now available for every school in London to help keep young people safe, with 150 schools so far taking up the offer

The widely shared London Needs You Alive campaign brings together role models and youth influencers to send a positive message to young people – that they shouldn’t put their lives at risk by carrying a knife.

The Mayor’s granted £7 million to projects to combat youth violence across London and £250,000 to community groups and grassroots initiatives.

The Mayor is working to bring in more Safer Schools Officers to help to drive down knife crime in schools.”


So does this remind you of anything?  The Mayor of London is gathering role models and youth influencers to send a positive message to young people.  It reminds me of the Parkland students, especially David Hogg.

So they invite all kinds of illegals into Europe, and now they are leaving the citizens with no means of protection.  Next they will take the bread knives from their homes. Unbelievable!


Back to the United State and the rapidly changing gun laws.

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It is being reported that American voters support 56 – 39 percent stricter gun laws in the U.S.

But voters oppose 79 – 17 percent repealing the Second Amendment.

The Parkland students campaigning for new gun laws are more popular than the National Rifle Assn. (NRA):

52 percent have a favorable opinion of the students, with 33 percent unfavorable, and 13 percent who haven’t heard enough about them to form an opinion;

The NRA gets a negative 39 – 43 percent favorability, with 16 percent who haven’t heard enough.

From April 6 – 9, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,181 voters nationwide with a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percentage points, including the design effect.

The Quinnipiac University Poll, directed by Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D., conducts nationwide public opinion surveys, and statewide polls in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa and Colorado as a public service and for research.


Now we have Democrats moving to repeal the Second Amendment – to mow over the Constitution of the United States.  It is a fact that one in three Democrats are in favor of Second Amendment repeal.

Make no mistake; a repeal of the Second Amendment is an essential item on their agenda. Ever since the Heller decision solidified the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right, the anti-gun left has known they couldn’t enact the gun bans they’d prefer with the Second Amendment intact.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens laid out his reasons why we should repeal the Second Amendment in the The New York Times.  They are pushing toward this repeal.

What we support is the idea that free men and women have a right to own weapons, to own the means to defend themselves and their families from anyone – our right as human beings.

They are like rapid dogs now attacking the Second Amendment and moving swiftly doing it.


“The New York Times” reports Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Democratic administration is sending a letter to warn the financial sector about the “reputational risk” of dealing with either the NRA or gun makers and to “urge all insurance companies and banks doing business in New York to join the companies that have already discontinued their arrangements with the NRA, the gun industry, or other promoters of guns.”

The correspondence from the state’s department of financial services stops short of threats or punishment for banks and insurance companies, yet casts possible business relationships with the gun industry as running contrary to public sentiment following the Parkland, Fla. shootings.

“The tragic devastation caused by gun violence that we have regrettably been increasingly witnessing is a public safety and health issue that should no longer be tolerated by the public and there will undoubtedly be increasing public backlash against the NRA and the gun industry,” financial services superintendent Maia Vullo writes.

Vullo observes that MetLife quickly moved to distance itself from the NRA and suggests other members of the financial sector should “take prompt actions… [to] promote public health and safety.”

New York NRA board member Tom King called the letter “extortion.”


This is absolutely insane!  We are being terrorized by our own government, but yet they treat us as if we are terrorists!

Now we need to address “red flag laws” which are being used all over the Country now.

“Red flag laws let police confiscate guns without due process. Suspending the Constitution in a secret hearing is a Rubicon from which there is no return.

To listen to the media’s anti-gun drumbeat, no one does — or could — oppose the concept of stripping Americans of their constitutional rights in secret proceedings where they have no voice.

But this is exactly what is at stake with Gun Confiscation Orders — cynically disguised as “red flag laws.”

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Six states have enacted these laws. At their core, they allow the police to convene a Kafkaesque secret proceeding, in which an American can be stripped of his or her gun rights and Fourth Amendment rights, even though gun owners are barred from participating in the hearings or arguing their side of the dispute.

The first thing gun owners learn is when police knock on the door — ready to ransack their house and, if they resist, to arrest or even shoot them and their family.

The standard is not whether there is probable cause to believe that the gun owner has committed a crime, as the Constitution would seem to require. Rather, the standard is some subjective determination about whether the owner represents some “danger.”

As in the film Minority Report, Americans are stripped of their fundamental constitutional rights based on the subjective possibility of a “future crime.” And we know from our limited experience that many accusers lie or make mistakes — even more reach delusional conclusions — and the target is frequently an abused victim who is most in need of the wherewithal to protect against an abuser.

After a fixed period of time — say, 21 days — the gun owner can ask for a court hearing to restore his or her constitutional rights. But guess what? Few gun owners have the sophistication or the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a lawyer and expert witnesses. And few courts are willing to second-guess themselves and reverse the Gun Confiscation Order which has been issued.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of veterans have lost their gun rights without due process pursuant to a comparable procedure. And recent revelations from the VA suggest that fewer than 50 have successfully invoked this “process” to get their rights back.

But there’s a larger issue: If the Constitution can be suspended in a secret hearing, where does this lead?

What if this newspaper could be shut down for 21 days without due process — based on a secret complaint? Or an individual could be arrested or imprisoned for 21 days? Or tortured?

Far from being a “consensus proposal,” the suspension of the Constitution in a secret hearing is a constitutional Rubicon from which there is no return.”


If this article did not scare you, then you are either numb or intoxicated.  Frankly, I am very frightened of what is to come here in the United States. There is just too much happening too fast for the general population to keep up.

I will tell you what is really underneath this.  It is population control. They know that the United States is filled with illegals, who do not mind to put a gun or a knife in my back or yours.

It is very simple in the end – no one will follow the law but those of us who pledge to do so.  Criminals – those who seek to do us harm – will continue to get guns and whatever they want. We will be dead ducks, and they will get away with it.


There is some speculation on the Internet that there is a false flag attack on its way, and it is supposed to be a big one.  Some explosives have been stolen in the last couple of days, and there have been talk on the Internet of a chemical attack here in the States.

I do believe what I am hearing is accurate, as it comes from very intelligent and well-informed sources.  Just keep your ears and eyes open. Pray.

For any of you interested in the above, this video is what you need to see.


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