The Corrupt News System Has Been Rigged For Years And People Are Starting To Wake Up Finally!
Hilarious that the left calls it conspiracy theory when there’s an almost unbelievable mountain of proof to the corruption the democratic party holds.
Very Fake News Don’t Cover Clinton Ties To Russia…Very Fake News Indeed!

Hannity exposing THE ALT-LEFT MEDIA

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8 thoughts on “The Corrupt News System Has Been Rigged For Years And People Are Starting To Wake Up Finally!”

    • The clincher that the news was completely controlled came no later than 11/22/63. The JFK assassination cover-up absolutely required CIA control of all the major newsrooms, print and TV, or the truth would have blown wide open almost immediately. This was just 16 years after the CIA was formed in 1947 that they were able to carry out a coup against the elected government and be confident that there would be NO serious investigative journalism from the MSM.

  1. So where are people going to turn for their information? Most of the internet news sites are run by crazy people (e.g. InfoWars,, NextNewsNetwork, et al) and the few really good ones are so obscure that hardly anyone knows about them. Furthermore, I hate to say it, but I’m afraid this so-called ‘awakening’ is too little too late.

    • Interesting…. a troll bashing three sites that actually do report factual information. Where is your substantive and verifiable proof of your assertion? ……no where to be found.


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