The cost of missiles and drones. And Russia announces they will withdraw troops from “right side” of the Dniper River

Just thought it would be interesting to put together a table of the costs of various weapons.

Missile Costs

Patriot Missiles are around $3 million for each missile. 43 mile range, and the vehicle that holds 4 missiles is 1 BILLION each according to this article. Hard to imagine a Truck with Radar etc costing that much.

AMRAAM – radar guided missiles are $2 million each. The US just sent 2 land based launcher systems for what is the main air to air missile of the US airforces.
The trouble is that it has limited range 12 miles if fired from a jet, and needs to use some of its motor energy to simply get aloft from a truck launcher. So maybe 9 miles max range.

S-300 – Range of 50 to 90 miles roughly depending on the missile. Cost = approx 150 million USD per battery.
a Battery consists of a couple radar units, a command/control vehicle, and 72 missiles loaded 4 at a time onto 18 “TEL” Transport/Elevate/Launch, vehicles, and a set of spare missiles.

The package of 72 X 2 missiles, and the 18 launch trucks, radar and command trucks is around 1 Billion USD

from Quora

“Kaan Küçükemiroglu
How much is the cost of a single Russian S-400 missile system?
Well, it is dependent on who receives it and who Russia sells it to.

As a person living in Turkey, our government has purchased two of the air defence missile systems and they paid 2.5 billion for the total of it.

The each system consists of 72 missiles, 144 in total and it has 48 extra spare missiles.

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The S-400 has a range of 400 kilometres and can shoot up to 185 kilometres high.

A single one costs at around (at least for Turkey) 1.25 billion dollars with the spare missiles and the complete machinery and transport of it.

The reason Turkey needed the S-400’s so badly was they had no other option, well except the Patriots which are even more expensive.

In the end, it is a really expensive missile system, however it is very sophisticated.

But, please the price is not hundred percent accurate but what I can safely say is that it is twice as cheap then any American equivalent.”,(6.2–16.8%20mi).

Drone costs 


Iranian “Kamikaze Drones” Shahed-136 also called ‘Geranium-2’ drones per Russian nomenclature, seems to be around $20,000 to $30,000 each.

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