the Crash and $30-$50 Silver, $2500 Gold?

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“Pay attention to the fact that Silver could rally more than 300% if Gold moves up above $1750 and the Gold/Silver ratio drops below the 55 level. If Gold were to continue to rally and the Gold/Silver ratio continued to fall, Silver could rally well above $50 over the long run.”


“Bill Holter: But be careful, I just want to say be careful what you hope for. Because when you see $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, and higher gold, yes, your net worth will be rising, but that means the credit edifice will be collapsing, and the entire world runs on credit. So, what good is it to be part of the 1% or .1% if the whole system’s come down because credit stops. You just got to understand that everything runs on credit. Goods don’t show up on Walmart shelves. There’s not elves in the backroom making stuff.”

“silver has outpaced gold’s gains in August, posting nearly 11% rise so far this month versus an almost 8% rise for the yellow metal.

“It should also be noted that silver is beginning to get a chorus of bullish analyst forecasts suggesting the metal will begin to outperform gold,” said analysts at Zaner Metals.”


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