The CRASH Of Toronto's Housing Market Is Epic! – What You Need To Know

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the alarming plunge of the Toronto real estate market as we’ve seen a plunge of about 17% in home value since April, 2017 when the market saw a 30% year over year average. That’s less than a year!
While 41.2% less people are buying detached homes in Toronto, 10% more people are buying condos, cutting costs, likely because the massive dip in the market has hurt their wallets.
The demand is not there, but there’s certainly a lot of building and the market saw the peaks and euphoria, but people are packing up. This is exactly what we predicted as the market saw all time highs. It was unnatural. It was euphoric. It was manipulated. People with no understanding of the market were using their homes as piggy banks, taking out mortgages and expecting everything to appreciate in value without limitations. This was of course naive and we’ve seen this kind of attitude before.
We are seeing the return of the collateralized debt obligations (now known as collateralized loan obligations) by banks like BMO, not to mention the return of the credit default swaps and mortgage backed securities. No surprises that you play such games, you will win the same terrible prizes.
We are seeing a similar housing bubble in Vancouver that will go the way of Toronto as well. Of course no one in the media is reporting on it which is why we do what we can to give people the information necessary for them as individuals to prepare. This is not going to be pretty and knowing this info could if applied correctly with good due dilligence prepare individuals and safeguard them from the collapse of the overall market.
There are housing bubbles popping up in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, London UK, Sydney and Perth Australia, Oslo Norway and countless other places throughout the world. It’s about time we stop repeating history over and over again and start understanding the causes of these problems rooted in the central banking system and stop perpetuating the problems with government and further central bank action. The free market shall prevail as long as individuals educate themselves accordingly.

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