by John Ward

e hear a lot about the tandem unfolding of false danger in the US, UK and EU. But the fastest rate of liberty obliteration is eleswhere….in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Slog tries to put into perspective just how insane events there are.


I spotted this (left) at CBCNews this morning, and found myself tentatively encouraged. The 5-point swing away from Just Intrudeau means there is now only 1.6% between Conservative leader Erin O’Toole and Mad Liberals Against Normality. Also, a slide in the Green Fingers in the Till Party’s support added to my optimism.

But further digging into the data soon diluted my youthful ardour. Because Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP – think looney Brit Labour and you’re almost there) is gaining ground, and its leader – one Jagmeet Singh – is a born pragmatist….as in, on the record as saying he would rather eat raw cobra while crawling naked over irradiated broken glass than let O’Toole into power. Singh is the kind of pragmatic democratic socialist who gives fascism a good name.

So it looks like Canada’s National Observer might feel able to take its foot off the bias pedal, and let the unnatural order of things take its course. A few extracts from the ON’s “coverage” of the election are offered for your enlightenment:

‘….we should all be able to recognize and dismiss the self-serving disinformation about Canada’s political system that’s routinely peddled by Conservative leaders every time we go to the polls….Might some combination of the Liberals, NDP, Greens and/or Bloc co-operate to govern Canada in a post-election world? Yes, because they have many broadly overlapping policies — their members agree wholeheartedly, for example, that climate change is real and that face-masking and vaccination are how we beat COVID-19 — because the Conservatives are positioned largely alone on the centre-right side of Canada’s political spectrum…We can probably expect more overheated, partisan rhetoric as we move closer to Sept. 20.’

There you have it: four left ideological legs good, two empirically real legs bad.


Meanwhile, Down Under, the State is rapidly closing in on those who think with the Left Brain as opposed to self-indulging in Right Brain panic. Rapid antigen testing will no longer be an alternative to vaccination, NSW Health announced today (Friday). In order to work outside their area of concern, authorised workers must now have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by Monday, September 6.

“Vaccination is highly encouraged and workers from the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of concern are offered priority bookings for vaccination,” NSW Health said, adding, “NSW Health has made a commitment to provide advice to industry on the important role rapid antigen testing can play to protect workers and prevent disease transmission, and give guidance on the types of workplaces that may benefit from such testing and inform COVID-19 Workplace Checklists and safety work plans” .

Soooooo, RRA testing has an “important role” to play…but nothing like as important as sticking a needle full of half-baked experimental mRNA garbage into your arm. No mixed signals here then.

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Since February 2020, just 991 Aussies have died from Covid19….out of a population of 25.4 million. That’s 1 death per 25,630 citizens. So now you know the price of Liberty where the folks go waltzing Mathilda.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has extended a national lockdown for a further four days after the latest coronavirus outbreak there.

26 Kiwis have succumbed to Covid19 since the batshit crazy Ardern first had an attack of the vapours about it eighteen months ago. NZ now holds the world record for overreaction to the pandemic that has not added any seasonal deaths among the aged at all: a homoaeopathic 1 death per 189,230 of the population has stopped the country’s economy in its tracks.

Hint: Jacinda Ardern is a protegé of…..Anthony St John Blair – our very own Moral Tone.

Well I never.

These facts – fact checkers please note before you waste your valuable time – show just how effective this astonishing use of compliance through fear has been.

But it’s important to follow the real science – even if nobody in the Earthly anglosphere “élites” is doing so.

In the case of phobia sufferers, for example, even if you have believed the phobia for over half a century, so-called “immersion” that forces the brain’s exposure to reality (ie, if you step out of the front door, you will not die) recovery can take as little as five weeks. This is part of the learnings from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)…so when fighting back against (and sabotaging) the mendacities of the deranged powerful minority, we would all do well to use that science to advantage.

We must, however, be more focused, activist and organised in the way we go about this. In the near future, the aims of the Davosites will require a global digital switch-off in order to realise them….a move designed to create yet more uncertainty among the populace.

Tomorrow in a Slog Saturday Essay special, we’ll be looking at how the One in Eight can turn that tactic to the advantage of Truth. Don’t miss it.


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