The Crypto Dip Continues! – What’s Causing It THIS Time?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent news in cryptocurrency in yet another Freedom Minute report previously recorded live!
Every time we think cryptocurrencies are going to pick up again and enter a bull market, we’re let down. But the problem isn’t crypto, it’s the crazy FUD pushed by the media and the absurd regulations pushed by government.
After a year like 2017, we really have nothing to complain about and considering what the value of a crypto like Bitcoin was a year ago, we’ve barely scratched the surface in 2018. But there’s no doubt a lot of us are getting annoyed by the perpetual bear market we’ve seen since December of 2017.
This time, the dip was caused by government… Again… Go figure.
As Bitcoin drops below 8k, we’ve found it most likely that it was caused by news out of both India and China. India hopes to implement an 18% tax to exchange operators. Essentially, they want a GST on crypto.
All the while, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a study on risks of owning cryptos.
As if the government needs to save us from our own individual decisions.
The fact of the matter is that we should not fret over these short term issues. The laws are unenforceable and act more as a way to cause temporary down turns rather than effective long term problems.
The future is decentralized and ridiculous attempts by the government to bring the free market down will be ultimately futile.

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