The Death of the Nation State in the Context of Globalism

By Chris Black

The state is the political expression of an earlier human reality – the nation (nation means extended tribe basically, people who share the same blood by birth), which asserts its distinct character and wants to preserve it. 

But once formed, the state must feed the nation and build it in a deliberate way, in the same way that a plant isolated in a pot from the indistinct web of nature must be watered, oriented towards the sun, and protected from weeds.

The borders of a given state are not random, but the end result of history and the expression of the ability to defend them by its people.

 Borders cannot be redrawn and moved to other continents. 

In the same way, the citizens of the state are not interchangeable, transferable through exchanges, as temporary tenants of a hotel or as employees of a company.

The arbitrating state, which treats these vital issues with disinterest, is a liberal illusion. 

Following this chimera, as it’s the case with all Western countries (the US, Europe, Australia etc. all promoting open borders), the state would abdicate from acting as a defender and shelter of the descendants of those who created it.

 What actually happened is that the state was confiscated by external groups, initially presented in the indefinite form of transnational capital

Gradually, however, it become obvious that certain groups, better organized and which do not give up self-awareness and group solidarity (also known as in-group preference), began to dominate the power structure. 

And the power structure became disconnected from the natural hierarchies of the nation, whose elites are not able anymore to break through on their own in front of groups welded or discreetly supported by the expanding infrastructure of other states.

In the same way, the vibrant and diverse society resulted from the opening of the gates by the new dominant group will not be left without representation. Either locally or nationally, new populations will assert themselves and give dominance to a neighbourhood, city or region. 

Reality is stubborn and facts tend to not care about people’s feelings: diversity is not strength, but a major weakness for the nation state.

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The stage we are in is that of discreet yet massive infiltration, which has not yet reached critical mass to erupt as the main problem in society.

 The capture of the economy by transnational foreign interests (Black Rock, Vanguard and Black Stone own the vast majority of the SP 500 companies), the political class, the media, the invention of a synthetic “civil society” and in general the cultural dominance of the model of forced liberalization and denationalization via massive 24/7 propaganda via Hollywood and mass media,  have been perceptible for some time. 

By the way, culture is downstream from politics, not the other way around, and the always Marxist/globalist Hollywood elites are proof of concept.

The total control over the press by said elites maintains absolute silence about the pace of change at the demographic level, which can only be observed empirically, from direct experience. 

That the subject of replacement migration is a forbidden topic in “polite society” is proof of the relentless nature of the project. 

And that it is by no means purely coincidental, resulting only from the “invisible hand” of the free market economy, which is looking for cheap labour by any means necessary; otherwise, the mass migration phenomenon would not accelerate in periods perceived by all as restrictive in terms of economic activity (despite the triumphalist statistics created by money printers).

Initially presented as a pragmatic advantage, replacement immigration is rapidly becoming a problem to the society at large (huge spike in crime, poverty, etc.), and the net tax payers (guess who that is) are left holding the bag and paying for everything, not to mention that the arrivals tend to vote left in massive numbers (80%+ vote DEM), thus changing the country irreversibly.

Mass immigration has become an unsolvable issue, because the elites do not want to stop it, and it continues unabated even when the economy is as bad as it is in 2021, i.e. under the Biden regime we’re facing unprecedented illegal immigration on the Southern border.

And as minorities (soon to become the majority by 2050) become more numerous and more coherent by component groups, there are increasing demands to adjust the behaviour of the majority. 

From that point, the national state, which has become multiculturalist, transforms itself from a shield into an adversary of the natives, against which it unleashes a series of measures to ensure that it will behave as docile and less offensive to the sensibilities and expectations of the new citizens, who now they will be the priority of the state (it is said for purely organizational pragmatic reasons).

Enter political correctness, affirmative action, anti-white racism also known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and so on.

Sounds familiar?



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