The Deep State Was Revealed This Week; Did You Notice?

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by Thinker

If you go back and read over my blog posts you’ll notice I begin many of them with the words ‘if you’re paying attention…’ One must be very keen, extremely awake and incredibly discerning during this historic time in which we find ourselves.

Most importantly, one must learn what to pay attention to.

This week, if you were paying attention, you noticed that the deep state was revealed. And I don’t just mean hinted at or alluded to, I mean it was REVEALED, fully, in all its dark slithering unconstitutional unelected corrupt criminal subversiveness. Did you notice?

So, what did we learn this past week that was so different? I’m so glad you asked!


We learned that the awesomely powerful government agency that is The State Department has not maintained allegiance to the law or to our nation when on Friday a federal judge complained that he was lied to by the State Department in a suit related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

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At a hearing on a Freedom of Information Act case about talking points related to the 2012 Benghazi attack, Judge Royce Lamberth complained that officials told the court that they had completed searching the agency’s records for information on the topic even though they knew that Clinton and other officials had used private email accounts for official business.

“The State Department told me it had produced all the records,” Lamberth complained. “That was not true at the time. It was:…ou-notice/

It’s About Keeping You Folks on the Plantation…

The betrayal to every Veteran and American, along with world citizens. Greed from the secret societies that reversed John F. Kennedy’s executive orders 11110 that was to eliminate the Federal Reserve, and the elimination of the CIA. If that would have happened, where would America be today??? Donald Trump stepped into the political ring, not with gloves like most, but with a chess board, and playing multiple levels. His moves, interesting if you know a little chess, and if your aware of the playing board in Washington D.C., then you’ll see the moves of your president are with purpose.

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Donald Trump promised to give the White House back to the people, and eliminate the plantation mind set of previous governments, as history is showing only wanted for themselves and not for “ALL” the people. Donald Trump has stirred the fire back into the hearts of Americans, and kickstarting the brains that have been numbed by fake news, GMO’s, Fluoride everywhere, and drugs for all. Americans are throwing away the old, and bringing in the new…no fluoride, no gmo’s, no opioids/vaccines, no fake news…for the brains of many who now see the light!!!



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