The Democratic Party Was Taken Over By Communists In The 1970s

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Joel Gilbert joins Alex Jones live via Skype to give his expert analysis on how the current state of the democratic party came to be such a magnet for communist ideology.

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8 thoughts on “The Democratic Party Was Taken Over By Communists In The 1970s

    • FDR had JFK’s elder brother killed and he was also behind the killing of the U.S. sailors at Pearl Harbor because FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack. FDR and Stalin were like 2 peas in a pod, did I forget to mention all the communist that were in Hollywood and many are still there today.

      • FDR should have killed all the kennedys then shot himself. kennedys acted like anti communist but they hated white people. I guess FDR figured joe kennedy would run for pres after the war

        • The elder Joe was planing to run Joe Jr and FDR didn’t want that. The sheep in America would have voted FDR in as president for life, same with Clinton and Obama.

    • It’s common knowledge that numerous communist groups flourished outside of Soviet Russia as well as after the fall of the USSR, to think that Nazis had the same level of influence on anything is pure delusion.
      Marxism is not just an economic theory, it is also a sociological explanation of how human beings behave they way they do. Thus communist theory does teach that to understand any society you must understand how it allows one group to “oppress” another. Communism reduces all culture to this aspect of conflict theory and it claims that all truth is “invented” by one group to justify its own interests. Thus Communist theory claims that any non-collectivist society ONLY speaks of ideals such as “freedom” and “justice” in order to further one group and oppress another group. This idea is alive and well in modern so-called “leftist” circles and has taken hold of the ordinary, establishment, “democrats”. To deny the influence of Marxist social theory on the left is ignorance.

  1. The Republican Party was taken over by fascists in 1963. They also control the Democratic Party. Has any American read the Communist Manifesto? They wouldn’t know a communist from a proctologist.

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