The Democrats can’t catch a break, and they don’t deserve to.

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THE SCHIFF SHOW IS THE ALL-FEMALE GHOSTBUSTERS OF CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS: Epic fail: Most now oppose impeachment as Trump approval turns positive, 48% to 47%.

House impeachment proceedings have helped — not hurt — President Trump’s approval in the eyes of voters, and in the latest survey, his rating has turned positive thanks to a massive revolt against impeachment by independents.

The just-released Emerson Poll found that 48% approve of Trump, and 47% do not.

What’s more, support for impeachment is now negative, a finding that backs up other recent polling.

The Democrats can’t catch a break, and they don’t deserve to.

WELL: Will Hurd, anti-Trump Republican, says he sees no evidence of bribery, extortion.

An outspoken anti-Trump Republican lawmaker said Thursday he hasn’t seen any evidence the president committed bribery or extortion, slamming the House Democrats’ impeachment probe.

Rep. Will Hurd, Texas Republican, who announced his retirement earlier this year and who has continuously been a critic of President Trump, said although he has disagreed with how the president and his administration have carried out foreign policy with Ukraine, he doesn’t support the inquiry process.

Mr. Hurd said he would like, as other Republicans have said, to hear from Hunter Biden, who worked for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma during his father’s service as vice president, as well as the whistleblower.

“An impeachable offense should be compelling,” he said during Thursday’s hearing. “It’s not something to be rushed or taken lightly. I have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion.”

He is, however, indisputably guilty of defeating Hillary.

Related: Ken Starr: ‘This is Impeachment in Search of a Rationale.’ “Starr agued that Democrats are using impeachment as a ‘tool of expressing’ their ‘disapprobation of a controversial president.’” Trump’s not that controversial. 90% of Republicans, and an increasing number of independents, support him. He’s just highly disliked by excitable Dems and their media satraps.

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