The Democrats May Have Decided on Their “Trump Candidate” for 2020

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by Mark Angelides

No matter how much those who consider themselves “natural Democrats” dislike the present government, the reality is that many of the people who voted for Hillary did so not because of her or the DNC’s political policies, but because they thought the alternative would be worse. Many saw Bernie as an opportunity to press the reset button on a system of politics that they have grown weary of, but the betrayal (the DNC sabotaging Bernie) has left them with a bitter taste in their mouths. No candidate that the Democrats put forward will have the absolute trust of those who are once bitten, but if someone were to seize the candidacy (much the same as Trump did from the Republicans), these disillusioned voters may begin to engage again.
The candidate who could do this needs to be a “free- person” (free of party affiliation), independently wealthy, have a high-profile, and be classed as an outsider from the party…Enter former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Other than having some experience in politics, he is in many ways a very Trump-like character in terms of his notoriety and brand name. He has the added advantage of having been both a Democrat and a Republican (he now calls himself an Independent).
In a recent chat with The Times’ Frank Bruni, he said that it is likely President Trump will win 2020 because the Democrats will “…step on each other,” he also said that too many “potential” candidates are eyeing up the nomination without setting out an agenda. He reserved some criticism for Hillary Clinton saying that her only campaign platform was that she was a woman.
Not only has Bloomberg highlighted the exact problem with the Democrats 2016 campaign, but he has also distanced himself from the DNC elite…Both of which will be very tempting to the reluctant Dems.
Bloomberg has every chance of winning both the nomination and even the election, and this is a major problem. You see, it is entirely probable that the villains at the top of the Democrat pyramid have already thought of all of this, and have chosen Bloomberg to be their candidate already. His insulting of Clinton and his putting-down of the DNC is all part of a manufactured plot to “out-Trump Trump”, and to show himself as an independent candidate using the DNC as a vehicle, when the opposite is actually the truth.
It is sad that the Democrats (and to some degree the Republicans) refuse to let the public choose their own candidates, but of course, when playing the democracy game, it is too risky to leave things to the people.

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5 thoughts on “The Democrats May Have Decided on Their “Trump Candidate” for 2020

  1. I still think they want to “finally” give Hitlery “her turn” – but Bloomberg seems just the guy they might use as a fallback if they think the “Look what Adolf Satan Trumphitler has done! ANYONE else would have been better! Use your second chance to vote for the one who stood firmly against him last time!” route will fail.

  2. I can almost guarantee a gay muslim will be on the Dem ticket. Maybe Anthony Weiner will convert in the prison shower.
    And don’t forget donkey voice NY gov Cuomo and his nemesis NYC mayor DeBolshevik.

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