The Demonization of Russian Citizens is a Preview of Things to Come in the West

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by Chris Black

The Ukrainian government represents maybe .2% of the people.

The puppet regime of Mossad/CIA answers only to international banks.

Not the people of Ukraine.

The current situation in Ukraine is the fault of the US sponsored coup in 2014.


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The reaction against Russia is a nice preview of what would happen to any White ethnic group that managed to take power in their own country. Other countries around the world could openly declare a war of extermination with full public support.

Russia is barely different from the West: it has hate speech and holocaust denial laws, sodomy and transgenderism are both legal, it embraces immigration and multi-racialism, the “Russian” oligarchy is overwhelmingly Jewish, and so on. It’s probably accurate to say that Russia is ~10 years behind the West in terms of “progress”.

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Yet, normies, both Left and Right, are still filled with bloodlust, openly wishing genocide on innocent Russian civilians, demanding that ethnic Russians anywhere in the world be ostracized or expelled from society, etc.

The COVID psyop and Russia vs Ukraine have exposed a lot about mass psychology. Makes me wonder what future horrors people are being programmed for.


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