Things Are Getting Worse in Ukraine

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by Chris Black

With one’s country on the brink of destruction, one should try to be less arrogant than this literal clown.

Putin has established his credibility through his actions; whatever else you want to say about the man he has stood behind his word. The West is still trying to figure out its pronouns.

The savage war waged by the Ukrainian government on the eastern part of Ukraine since 2014 (ethnic/Russian speaking) explains why Putin uses the word Nazi, even if Ukraine’s government is almost entirely jewish.

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Not one mentions it on MSM, asking why does he use the word NAZI?

Because that would open up a whole can of worms the west does not want opened.

Most of this really tracks back to Obama and 2014 because that coup emboldened many extremists in the Ukraine.

To top it all off ask yourself the question why have so many Ukrainians fled Ukraine since 2014 , way  before this war started.

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The writing was on the wall, a corrupt and murderous state was in play, and people got away en masse.

Nobody flees from a decent honest society, especially not when all your friends are there.

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On a side note, I heard a Ukrainian/American guy on a podcast who was asked about what was going on there.

His parents moved back years ago.  He chuckled and said that 9 out of 10 Ukrainians are glad the Russians are coming to release them from the bondage of their totally corrupt Western puppet government.

Of course, this is just hearsay, but a similar situation arose when the National Socialists invaded Ukraine that was under Soviet occupation (remember Holodomor, the hate for the Russian Bolsheviks is deep in Ukraine) in 1941.

The Nazis were welcomed by the Ukrainian natives as liberators.

One of Hitler’s great mistakes was not nurturing this attitude to recruit potentially millions of men to fight alongside his own troops against the Bolsheviks.


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